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    The first one was enjoyable. The second one doesn't interest me much but I still might go see it.

    As for spoilers? Nothin much to tell ya except that he has to get married. It'll be the 'Mrs. Clause'.

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    This movie is so bad that after I saw it at the theatre, I came home, turned on my cable and it was already on T.V.

    (I realize this movie isn't out yet, and the above never happened, but I am guessing it will be that bad)
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    I'd much rather see a Home Improvement movie.
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    The first one was good..but like for the 5 and under crowd,who cant go see Harry Potter.I wont be going to see it,waste of $6.00The trailer pratically tells the entire movie
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    Home improvement or Toy story 3 could of beat the snot out of santa clause. He falls in love with his old wife, they get married.. Nuff said.


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