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    Thumbs up SC2 (santa clause 2)

    anyone going to see this? i will! the first one was pretty good! also, got any spoilers for it? anyone?
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    This one looks like total crap.
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    I enjoyed the first, it was a good christmasy movie . I may go and see this one, but it does look a load of poo !

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    Well, all I know is there was a screenplay all ready to go last year because they put out a teaser last summer for SC2: The Escape Clause. I think they were getting nervous about the strike or something. Apparently that script was more suitable for the puppie's tinkle because they threw it out and totally rewrote it, delaying until this year.

    I'm not that interested in this one, but I think it'll be one of the winter's moderately bigger hits. Remember, it's staying afloat in a season of Harry Potters, Two Towers, 007s, Starship Enterprises, and Speilberg/Hanks/Leo juggernauts.
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    yeah, it has quite a bit of competiton. i hope it does good...i love tim allen!
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    It will be a nice alternative for some people, however, not for me.
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    I liked the first movie and I think this one looks pretty good.
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    thank you jayspawn! i hope it is a good flick. looks good.
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    Originally posted by Prince Xizor
    This one looks like total crap.
    Couldn't agree more.
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    This one looks like total crap on a stick.

    Nuff said......


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