Been a while since my last post... Wonder why? Anyway Iím back contributing a little.

Iíve basically bought most of my LEGO Star Wars stuff at a local toy store here in Sundsvall, Sweden and Iíve stayed in touch with the ever so kind Mrs. (Sheís actually around my age and not an old hag I might add )in charge of the LEGO department at that toy store. Anyway, I think it was around the time of my last post that I made in June when I dropped by the toy store to check for items on sale when this Mrs. approached me and asked if I wanted a little something she had saved from some older store display and I said yeah sure Iíll take it.

And wow that was a good thing as it was a smaller Star Wars display!

What I got was a Star Wars hanger baseplate display with following items:

7111 (Two) Droid Fighterís. One in flight on stand and the other one walking. Both complete.
7141 (One) Naboo Fighter in flight on stand. Long (tail) antenna missing.
7151 (One) Sith Infiltrator. Darth Maul mini figure missing.

Baseplate includes flashing LEDís. All models are glued together for obvious reasons.

Itís an ever so cool addition to my growing collection of LEGO Star Wars stuff and Iíll check and see if I maybe can take some decent pictures of it later on and send to Mr. JediTricks but I canít make any promises as my camera is old and I canít afford one at the moment.

I mean... Iíve just blown $2600.00 on my brand new SONY 36Ē widescreen TV... And then again thereís a whole lot of new stuff coming... Star Destroyer... Must... Have... 8)

I also got a large LEGO Star Wars poster (movie size) with Anakin (Hayden C.) and LEGO versions of Jango Fettís Slave 1 chasing Obi-Wanís Jedi Star Fighter as seen in the movie and itís printed both on front and back on slightly thicker cardboard with other sets shown as well.

I also got a fabric ďflagĒ as I in lack for better word in English canít find the correct word for it and as I canít find my dictionary and itís in the same style as the poster but much larger and Iíll see if I hopefully can take some good pictures of them both as well but weíll see later on.

Pretty cool huh guys and gals!?

Kindest regards,

Lars Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.

PS) I got my ďUltimate Collector Series?Ē Naboo Fighter last night and built it.