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    pokemon fans enter here! if you don't like them...then don't read!

    well, here is the post. please, only serious fans of either the games or anime' enter. no bashing, no posts of why you hate it. well...the new games coming out early 2003 for us are ruby and saphire. the beggining is a bit diffrent than before. this tiome you start to go to the first town when you run into the new proffesor. he is being attack by a new pokemon called pochena in japanese. you have to choose which starter to beat pochena out of his bag he left on the ground. i would choose the fire type because it's evelution is the coolest PKMN i have seen. EDIT IN: i have a pictureof pochena attached! more to come!
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    My daughter's a HUGE fan. She's four. I watch the show and play the game with her. So I kind of got hooked on it's episodic nature. I like how the entire show has a definite linear storyline and you know where each episode takes place in relation to the others.

    I also got the adaptor for the N64 and played Silver (or Gold, I can't remember) for about two months until I spent a week straight trying to capture Lugia down in that darn cave and gave up. I was planning to go back and raise a Scisor to have False Swipe and then go back to the cave, but it seemed like such a daunting and time consuming task, I sort of stopped playing.
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    here is a tip...if you have a master ball, clone it (i will explain in a moment) and use one for him. ok...cloning is pretty easy.go up to a PC and save the game. then place the item you want cloned (your PKMN gets cloned too.) on the pokemon. then store it in a box. then switch boxes. when iot says "saving don't..." turn your gameboy off and turn it back on. there should be one of the PKMN in the box and one in your party. or, if you don't have a mater ball, just by alot of ultra/fast/great balls. false swipe is a good stratigey. just have scisor at a high level.
    EDIT IN:here is a picture of latias, one of the main pokes in the 5th movie.
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    one thing I love about pokemon is how fun it is to watch when under the influence of certain "controlled" substances

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    huh??? just say if you like them or not....i'm not good with breaking down sentences!
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    hmmm..........I like to watch pokemon on drugs.

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    I'll take "Things Better Left Unsaid" for $200, Alex!
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    well, he's the one who made me spell it out for him...

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    My son, being 7, loves to watch the show. He was really into his Gameboy games for a while too.

    Because he wanted to play the card game, I had to learn how to do it and actually grew to enjoy that. Lots of strategy and such for a little kid's game. Not as mindless as LIFE or Monopoly or other board games. Of course, he knows all the little characters better than me, but it's always a toss up as to who will win.

    I'll admit though, sitting through those Pokemon movies in the theater was a test of endurance.

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    yeah..the movies sucked...excepted parts of the second one....i just wish it had alot more battleing and a lot less "oh no! theres a caterpie in trouble! i have to help it!" ash needs to catch more and help people less.
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