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    Anyone find Ephant Mon yet?

    Just curious to see if anyone's found this guy yet. We haven't gotten any new figures since Palpatine & Djas Puhr here in Toledo.
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    I haven't seen hide nor hair of that sucker; nor anything from Padme Coruscant forward. Had to snag 'em on-line.

    Would like to buy an Ephant and a few Clone Pilots to open, so I'm still looking.


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    There was a thread a week or so ago about someone finding Ephant Mon in the UK.
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    Yeah... it seems they are out in the UK but not really here in the US. I am curious to see if this came as a result of the dockworkers strike on the west coast.

    I know my KEBco shipments were affected (a little) by it.
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    Yes, Ephant Mon has been out in the UK at smaller, more specialized retailers for about 2 weeks now - I've seen him at about 3 different outlets here in London. He sells out quickly, though!
    I've heard rumours of him turning up at branches of TRU, but all the rest of the mainstream shops and dept. stores seem just to be stocking pegwarmers like Anakin OPD, Obi-Wan CC and Jango KE - so I suppose it's a bit of a mixed blessing, especially as we usually have to pay a bit more, too.
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    Ephant Mon's price tag?

    I have found Ephant Mon at the SciFi Expo over this last weekend in Plano, TX. However, I have not seen him in stores.

    Now, here is the real question, perhaps Sir Steve can answer it for us...

    The Collector's Database on this very site lists his price at the current less than $5.00 range of Star Wars Saga figures. However, at the toy and comic show most dealers were selling Darth Maul, Padme, and Clone Trooper Pilots for about $8-$9 (roughly $3-$4 over store prices), but Ephant Mon was $14-$16! I know Geoff Carlton, the author of the "Star Wars Super Collector's Wishbook" who was at the show. He told me that the standard store price on Ephant Mon would be around $12.00, making $14.00 not a bad mark-up. He also said that it shipped by itself in cases of just Ephant Mons.

    Can anyone who has found this figure confirm this price? Geoff Carlton is pretty much up on the prices of things as he is about to finish a second edition of his book. Also, this price difference/case assortment difference may explain why many retailers don't have this figure yet. I went ahead and paid the $14.00 price from a dealer I know at the shows as it was not much more than the nearly $13.00 I'd be paying after sales tax if they are in fact around $12.00 each in the stores. And let me tell you, it is one of the best figures Hasbro has produced in the line. But then I've been wanting a figure of this guy for almost 20 years now! When do we get Hermie Odle, Hasbro?
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    Are you saying that if I went to TRU or Target tomorrow and found a Ephant Mon, he would be $12.00? If you are, that's crazy....
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    no, it'd be a miracle- in that he was there in the first place
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    I ordered mine from last week for $7.99. If that is true about the $12 everyone better head over there and order now. It is scheduled to arrive tomorrow from UPS.
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    My KEBco order has him listed at $5.99 for the "Club Price". $5.99 is the Club Price for all $4.99 figures.
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