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    Deluxe Geonosian Warrion MiniReview

    Still a slow time for my stores, but things are looking up. Very few of the new and cool Deluxe figures are starting to hit my area.

    Deluxe Geonosian Warrior

    - Likeness: Hasbro has some good sculptors and does pretty good with Star Wars aliens. SO he looks great, hard to go wrong. 5/5.

    - Sculpt/ Detail: The figure itself is not too different from the previous Geo Warriors we have. Theres a lot of paint detail throughout the figure-and I mean everywhere. The wings are a little more impressive on this figure, the detail is better. Probably the only minus is the arms. The left arm is molded so its crossed in front. And the right arm is molded straight so when you move it up it goes outward. Another feature of the figure you can't help but notice is the lever stickin gout of his back. But we'll get to that later. 3.5/5.

    - Articulation: Geo has the very basic 5 points of articulation. Head, shoulders, legs. Thats it. Articualtion would have been great in the arms because both of them are molded in 1 specific and in different poses. I know the Geonosians have skinny arms and it might have possibly looked weird if Hasbro pulled it off. So we'll never really know. 3.5/5.

    - Accessories: My favorite part! I love these. The Geo comes with a gun (the Geonosian style gun), a firing-swirling blast projectile, and a HIVE!!! The gun is cool because the previous Geo figures didn't come with it, and the figure (with a little work) can hold it. And it fires very well. And now the hive! Based on the early pictures of the toy, I wsn't sure what the hive was or was supposed to do. It's cone-shaped with great sculpting and paint job, it has a slit down the front so you can put your Geo Warrior figure inside, and a big suction cup on the back so you can stick it to any window, mirror, picture, where you want to hang it. It's very cool! 5/5.

    - Playability: Another great toy to play with! Cool weapon! Cool hive! And the figure fits inside. Now, the lever sticking out of his back flaps the figures wings. It actually works very well. You push the lever in -it turns a few little wheels- and the figure's wings flap. Its a neat little mechanism. The wings themselves can fold out for flying for fold down. Like previous Geos, the legs are molded in some weird pose but this one can stand pretty good. 5/5.

    - Value: This guy was picked up at KB for the $9-10.99 that they sell them for. Most Deluxe figures are worth it half the time. This one is because you get a lot for your $. 4.5/5.

    OVERALL: Very cool toy! I was thinking to pass on this one but it's hard to resist. It's great for army building and scene building too- cause of that neat hive it comes with!!! 4/5.
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    Coolness! I am definitely looking forward to getting this. It should be arriving today with my 3 Biker Clones! I just got the Arena over the weekend, so I will love adding this! I will take a look at how Hasblah is intending for us to "attach" this to the playset and post that later on.

    Thanks for the thorough review. Those are the kinds of reviews i like to read and write!
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    Sounds cool!!! I'll need at least 10 of them for my dioramas!!
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    I got mine...!!! It's pretty nice. I don't really mind the button on its back so much. It's actually fun to play with! The only thing I had problems with was figuring out how this little guy was supposed to hold the Sonic Blaster. That thing can really fire far!!!

    Very happy with that... and my 3 Deluxe Clone Troopers!!!

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    Cool review... I may consider getting 1 or 2 of them after reading your review. I thought it was rather crappy like those force flipping deluxes. I'm still waiting for bikes to hit the stores here!! I want like 100000 of them cause they just look sooo nice!!

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