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    Im New to POTJ.. any advice?

    I live in Columbia SC. so its not a huge city, but its pretty big. We have 2 TRUs and 3 SuperWalmarts.
    Anyway, I realize that I am getting a late start. I collected most of the EP1s, then I lost steam I guess. The Star Wars bug has got me again though with all of this Trailer talk. so Im wanting to try to play catch up with the POTJ.

    I found a couple of guys at KB for 2 99 and I just won an ebay auction for Ketwol,Sabe,Madak,Besbin Guard. 10$ plus 6$ shipping

    So, is there any good ways to get these figures at reasonable prices. Im a grad student, so Im not exactly loaded. thanks for the advice. Hope to see ya around a lot.


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    Weeeeell. For reasonable prices, I've always trusted Wal-Mart. And of course someone might want to unload the first couple of waves of POTJ for fairly cheap. AND of course with all the army builders stuffing up pegs it shouldn't be too long before many go on sale. In fact many have if I'm not mistaken...
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    NO! Get out now while there's still time... Run, run like the wind for the far away hills and safety from the madness that is 'the hunt' Leave this quest alone and abandon all toys for they are evil spawn of satan and shall be damned in hellfire and brimstone and treacle.... Douse yourself in holy water and become a hermit, save your soul the torment and terror of the POTJ quest. Please save yourself - you're our only hope...... *trails off in despair*

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    Dammit Jargo! You beat me to it!
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    you realize of course that that is quite impossible

    No, I have taken my first step into a larger world. I realize the POTJ wastes are not to be traveled lightly. I am here to stay. I have already spent about 30 bucks on it, so theres no turning back now.

    So any other advice, to someone who is already stuck?

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    The best advice I can give anyone is to befriend the owner of a comic store. Worked for me I get everything I need from my friendly local comic store - with favoured customer discount!

    It's no use trying to butter up folk who work in large stores as they really don't give a damn unless you slip them a few greenbacks. But they probably have themselves on the payroll of the scalpers anyway.
    go for a cosy small comic store and spend plenty of time in there just chatting to the owner or the counter assistant. The softly softly approach to these creatures will work best. Once you have their trust and begin to form a bond of friendship, begin to discuss collecting POTJ Don't blurt itout or you'll frighten them off, just ease it into conversation gently and tickle the guys ego by saying what a cool store they have and aren't they just the best counter assistant ever.... Don't go overboard on the compliments or you may find yourself on a date you didn't expect all of a sudden. Know what I'm saying guy? Anyway, once you've donr the legwork and taken the time to get to know these guys they will probably be more wiulling to help you out and if they can't then point you in the right direction. If my comic store owner friend can't get something for me she hunts round her aquaintances for a good price and gets it from different places than she normally buys from. Or she points me to stores locally who have what I want. In return, I furnish her with all the latest news on star wars prioducts that I find on the net. Something she hasn't the time to hunt out herself. I give her news before the magazines publish it and before the stockists know what's what. It's a symbiotic relationship and it works for me.

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    30 bucks? I shudder to think of the thousands I've got wrapped up in my entire collection. There is still good left in you...I've felt it. Go back before it's too late.

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    Well, let's start off with the basics. There are 47 current POTJ figures. With about 6 more due out early next year. For a grand total of 53 before the line will end in favor of the EP2 figs.

    That's not counting variations and errors.

    BTW, the new figures due out will no longer have the Jedi Force Files, and there will be a change to the cards themselves.

    Most of the older stuff is going pretty cheap right now, look around the net. Some stores/e-businesses are practically giving them away.

    As many have already said, this is a dangerous journey and not to be traveled lightly.

    If you have lots of money, or lots of patients go ahead and collect the ships as well.

    But be warned this is an even greater journey, and one that may only end in agony and defeat.

    The realm of Store Exclusives is nightmarishly frightning. Worse even than Luke's failure at the cave on Dagobah!

    But, if you succeed, the rewards would be...well not a well as you would imagine.

    Seriously, it is a nice line, and I am glad to see more people taking an interest in it. Even if it is about to die.

    And beware the Master's of the Darkside 2pk. (4 inch version)! An excellent piece, but difficult to come by.

    I hope this helps.
    May the force be with you.

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    Also welcome to princethomas
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    784 has some of the earlier POTJ figs. at pretty good prices. The more you order, the better the shipping costs.


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