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    Well Look Who's Back!

    Shocked I'm sure! Well Christ, I don't think I've even sat down in front of a computer in almost a year, go figure! So, I thought I'd just see what the ole' SSG guys(and gals) were up to! How the hell y'all been?! Let me know what's been going on here and in your lives for the past year, 'cause hopefully I'll be hear for a while...this time! The 'Xir and MTFBWY...Always!

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    Hey The 'Xir! Nice to see an old face!

    Welcome back!

    As for me....I didn't do much....

    bought a house, got know, the usual.
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    WB Xir!
    My wife treats me like an ATM machine. She pushes my buttons until I give her money.

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    I dont know ya,but Welcome back
    Treat your stepmother with respect Pantera, or you'll be sleeping in the streets!!

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    well I don't know you either (although your name does sound familiar, were you still here in january?) but welcome back anyways
    Until The End Of Time...
    - Tupac Shakur, RIP

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    I kind of...... remember you......
    No matter how I die, even if there is a suicide note; it was murder. Cheers!

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    Welcome back!!!

    You've missed alot - DeadEye has been banned about 20 times .


    ...Ok it doesn't sound like alot but it was quite big. Not much more has happened... SSG has gone back to it's old, happy self again .

    Anyway, enough talking of DE I'll get this thread closed...

    Where you been all this time?

    "You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you!" - Obi-Wan Kenobi
    "There's a gentleness about a total Star Wars geek that is sublime."- Rick McCallum
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    Hey....I do remember that name from the old days......welcome back...

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    Re: Well Look Who's Back!

    Good to see you back. How are the toys doing in Orangemen territory? I am surprised that you would remember your password after a year!

    Originally posted by The 'Xir
    Shocked I'm sure! Well Christ, I don't think I've even sat down in front of a computer in almost a year, go figure
    Wow, were you paralyzed or in a cave or something?
    "The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see, the future is. But this I am sure of - do their duty the Jedi will." --Yoda from Attack of the Clones.

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    Welcome Back. Staying around this time?
    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.


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