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    Cool Conehead Imperial black R4 unit for Christmas

    Check to see the upcoming Imperial forces 4-pack.

    Enjoy !!!

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    The black R4 unit looks cool...

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    Holy crap! I MUST have this set! The Stormtrooper and the black R4 are nice surprises. I like the AT-ST driver, too, though his face looks like a customizer's job. He may double as a Scanning Crew member(?). I only wish they'd include another 'army builder' instead of EW Vader, or a Vader less scene-specific.

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    Cool- thanks for posting the info. Now I just wonder.. What store will these be exclusive for? Hopefully the Jedi and Bounty Hunter sets will have a new sculpt or figure in with them.

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    I like the set! the stormtrooper is cool, the droid looks pretty good too, I don't have the vader yet (although I would've preferred the CTC or dagobah one) and the AT-ST driver looks ok too
    I don't have a mousedroid yet too so he's a fine addition too
    overall, this looks like a great set and I'll definetly buy it (if I'll ever find it here in france that is)
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    is it just me or does the black r4 unit look at lot like the hard to find r4-m9.

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    Cool set... I will pick that up.

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    I like the set too, but has it been confirmed? And what stores will have it?
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    What do you bet it will be TRU or Target? They're usually the ones who get the Batman four packs.

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    Well, hopefully they won't be hard to find. It is a nice set, even with the Darth Vader. I don't mind the re-painted figures.

    Maybe someone at Hasbro has been reading the Dear Hasbro section in these forums. We mentioned sets like this in the ARMY BUILDER thread.
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