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    12'' Plo Koon Painted

    I just added new pictures of the upcoming Star Wars Fan Club Exclusive. Check them out HERE and let me know what you think.
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    NICE!!!! Why can't they do this good of a job with the female 12" figures??? I Know... I'm beating a dead horse.

    Still... this one has to be one of their finest!!!

    Well done!
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    One more Jedi to add to the collection! It looks like the goal of a complete Jedi Council is nearing.

    Can this be moved to the 12" Section to avoid a double thread?
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    I was gonna say something... but you don't ever want to correct the teacher...
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    Well its still a Saga toy so I guess it can stay here. Anyways, it looks great! I can't wait till the FC offers it!
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    Great figure can't wait to get him he's great.
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    Wheres a Mod when you need one!
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    That's good news. I'm glad Hasbro will get him out before years end. I'm hoping the next one of the Council Members wil be female though.

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    I was going to say the same thing Mini-Rock...I'm hoping Shaak Ti first then Luminara and then maybe Barriss Offee ,Luminara's padawan learner. All jedi counsel 12 figs will be Fanclub exclusives right??
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    I'd be plenty scared of having them do any female Jedi figures at this point. Can you imagine how huge Luminara's headdress would be!


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