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    What's this? SACUL to be a UK release

    Is it true? If it is, I hope I can get one for less than $50
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    Hasbro UK's been talking about it for a while now, that they wanted to make it available to people outside the US that didn't have access to Cel2. It was mentioned in tonight's Hasbro UK chat. Another blow to the high Ebay Scalper prices. Jorg's been steadily dropping there for a while. This should help even more.

    David wants to know: "We keep seeing tempters that the Jorg Sacul figure will soon be available to certain retailers but as yet nothing has materialised. Is there a way to ensure the distribution of these figures reaches the true fans and not dealers who will sell to the true fans at a grossly inflated price - maybe release them through HasbroJedi?. We are still waiting on the 25th anniversary R2D2. Can you confirm that this will be available at all UK Toys R Us stores, as I understand that the Darth Vader figure was only available at selected stores (a date would also be nice)."

    Nick R said: Hi David - I can reveal taht the Jorg Sacul figures will be available through The Entertainer toy chain. As this is their promotion Hasbro do not know precisely when this will run or what the mechanic will be but it will definitely happen this year.

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    I guess it helps to read.
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    Bah, read schmead......

    Wait for the movie!


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    I work 2mins from my local The Entertainer- guess I need to get talking to the shop staff really nicely!
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    Could anyone let me know the e-mail address for The Entertainer please!! Im going to a toy fair on sunday but i bet i dont see a Sacul their..

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    Heck, half the people in the U.S. didn't have good access to Celebration II or Sacul. I still would like to get one someday.
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    I really hope that the sacul will be re released!! hehehe that would bring down those sculpers really really hard!! POW!!!

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    Bah, I thought they destroyed the mold. Of the head, anyway. Who cares anyway, I have two already.
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