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    I popped into my local(ish) TRU last night.

    I enquired about the R2 promotion.

    They said that they are aware that the promo is soon, possibly next week.

    They told me to phone middle of next week when deliveries are due, so hopefully either then or next weekend.
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    Thanks jedi_uk73.

    I got my girlfriend to phone Derby TRU earlier today and they were completely unaware of the promotion, but said that if its happening the details always arrive on fridays.
    Next weekend's looking pretty good then.
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    Next weekend would be leading into the week of the 12th which is when I said it would happen originally using my mystic meg approach. The chick I spoke to in Chester TRU told me two to three weeks so if ya check back she was telling me the truth. If only she was around more often i could pump her for more info... that has connotations that weren't intended. when i said pump I didn't mean.... nevermind, forget i spoke.........

    Anyway, looks like everyone will get their R2's as long as there's none going out the door by the caseload like there seems to be in Milwauke. That EBAY auction for a case of 32 for $999 is just outrageous!

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    Are your R2's legs the wrong way as reported in this homepage...Ive just ordered mine from R2Dtoys and was wondering

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    Poo, both of mine have the legs the wrong way round too
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    Mine has his on backwards. It doesn't matter though. The shininess detracts from that so no-one will notice that he's - not like other astro droids so to speak......

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    Has the promo at TRU started yet?
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    I popped into TRU again on Thursday, still no sign of the offer yet.
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    Ach!! I just got my girlfriend to phone them again and they had no idea what she was talking about.

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    I went in to TRU B'ham this morning and there was nothing in the offing.
    They did have tatooine attack Anakin and Sith Training Darth Maul though.
    Hope it comes soon I wanted one to take to memorabilia next weekend so I could get it signed. Seemed a cool idea since it'll be the only figure I own that will stay in it's packaging.


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