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    Fortunately I already have 2 Silver R2's, I dont plan on getting anymore, but I'm keeping an eye out so I can let others know that they are about.

    Originally posted by Emperors_Hand_2211
    Hope it comes soon I wanted one to take to memorabilia next weekend so I could get it signed.

    I will be taking 1 of mine next weekend to Memo. Hopefully I can get in the 3hr waiting queue and get Kenny Baker to sign it.
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    When i spoke to the lady merchandiser she seemed a little surprised that I knew about the promotion. She also seemed reluctant to talk about it and asked me where I'd heard about it. I said "on the internet" and she nodded sagely before telling me about the time scale and the fact that they'd got lovely t-shirts for the whole thing. I have a feeling she thought we were company men sent to check up on her since we had more knowledge of the subject than the staff but she was really nice and very confident that it would be starting around the week of the DVD release. Well it's the 11th on monday so i would suspect that from next week would be a good time to start looking seriously. If the TRU managers have had the same clampdown as the American managers did, that's why no-one is talkative and seem to have no knowledge of the deal. If I'm right, the staff won't get briefed until the last minute so you might have to chew a few ears before you get one. Anyone in the Chester area should look out for Beryl at the cashiers desk, a mature lady who is always really helpful and really clued up about the promotions. She always makes sure I walk away with whatever is on offer even if it's just a fun pack of kellog's frosties or a soft drink. If I had the chance to give an award for most helpful staff member it would be Beryl who got the gold star. She's grrrrrreat!
    But yeah, they should know something about the deal from monday if that lady merchandiser is right. Just keep asking and sooner or later someone will talk. The only other reason for a delay would be the late shipping of republic gunships which might put the R2 deal back to the last week of the month when the gunships arrive. That's around the 20th I believe. But it seems more likely to be around the twelth that the deal starts.

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    Has it started yet? Has it started yet? Has it started yet?
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    Nope. probably not untill the 15th is what I was told by the guy at TRU in newcastle.... he didn't klnow if it was the 15th of Nov. or Dec. but I would be thinking Nov.
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    Well that's close to the twelfth at least......

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    Just called Manchester TRU - no offer yet and they haven't got the R2's in stock as yet.

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    And Stockport TRU don't have them yet - the woman there seemed a lot more certain than Manchester were.

    Wonder if I should call Leeds...

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    Has it started yet.
    I hope not. Our stupid landlord has closed our carpark for a couple of weeks and we've left the car with family.
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    Nope, but I had an interesting phone conversation with a supervisor from the Newcastle shop, she said that they know nothing about it and are not likely to until a day or so before it starts, the courier comes on a Friday morning so thatís the best time to check with them.. They did have an offer on whereby if you spend £10.00 or more on starwars you get a ďmovie programĒ as it terns out it actually a nice little book (quite big as well considering itís free) with lots of Ep.II info in it. Worth it if they have anything you need to get anyway. (itís not the same one that was given away at the cinema btw this is much nicer, and a lot longer.) Iím hoping for this Fri on the silver R2ís but Iím not holding my breathÖ
    Itís better to stay silent and appear stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubtÖ

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    Maybe it'll start when they get the republic gunships arrive then. Most worrying is this news. Seek TRU lady merchandiser must I...


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