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    Reports are being posted on TPU that the Silver R2 has started to show up at TRU. Any confirmations if this is true for all stores, and if so do you have to spend £30 to get one?
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    From what i read, they've been putting him on the pegs with a price tag of £29.99. Sounds like the management have been fed bad information about what they're supposed to be doing with this. maybe they decided that since everyone probably already has the figures they want why not just charge them the same amount and let them just buy the figure. But that in itself is wrong because the figure only has a cash value of 1p. If they charged £10 for one I'd reckon it was a okay but £30 is way too much. For a TRU giveaway that is. Haven't been to TRU in a while so i can't say what's going on in Liverpool or Chester but the last time I was there Beryl my friendly cashier was too busy to talk so i couldn't ask about the deal.

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    It has started today, and from what I have been told you have to spend £45.00 to get one. Damn if thats not a rip off... this came directly from the guy at TrU on the phone, I'm going to have a look in there today and see if they have anything worth 45 I sort of doubt it though....
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    £45 ?? Geez, TRU are having a laugh aren't they ?

    The Silver R2 WAS supposed to be a spend £30 get it free, but some stores had apparently put it on shelves for £30 each.

    Glad I got mine elsewhere, and cheaper

    For a £45 spend, I suppose the Gunship and a regular figure will be enough to get it.
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    Got mine from TRU Derby today. Spend £30 to get one.
    Bit of an anticlimax really. Shiny piece of crap.

    Got 2 of em though
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    WTF ???????????

    Its definitely a deal of, spend £30 on S.W. and get a "free" Silver R2.

    The bloke at TRU that the earlier poster spoke to must have been a reet muppet.There are a few good/helpful people at TRU's: you just have to wade through the majority Teenage spotty faced couldn't give a crud, can't be bothered to listen or help you out employees, to get to the good ones.Shame really, but lets be fair, thats what it's like in the majority of U.K. retail.Almost like school these days breeds em like it.Summat about GCSE's maybe ??.

    Good luck to everybody in their hunt and grrrrrrrrr at Reading TRU for not having the Gunship yet.


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    Right I went down any way to see if they had anything worth but ing and thats when the problems started ... I asked the first person I could if they had any left and was told NO they had been on the shelves and they are all gone, as this was taking place another employee said oh no they are behind the customer services desk.. and you have to spend £40.00 not £45.00.. they had no idea basically so they went off to ask, 10 min. later they came back yes they are behind the customer services desk, and you have to spend £30.00 wtf? How difficult is it to work out? I mean they work there… anyway off I went to spend £30.00 (there was nothing there.. man it was bad, they had some Mon’s and one Cloud city Chewie, but aside from that it was all the same stuff, I just bought a few things I hadn’t bothered with in the past and headed for the customer services desk, this is what ****ed me off, there is no advertisement that you can have one of these things no posters no promotion of any sort, when I asked the guy looked at me like I was insane and ran off to find his supervisor, who came over and said oh that .. We only have ONE when I asked what had happened to the rest she said and I quote “we can’t find them, it looks like there gone..” i.e. out the back door.. someone has made some money out of the TRU in Newcastle… I got mine and to be honest it’s nice but I’m a bit disgusted with the way they have done this, promotional item means you promote it, why the hell would Hasbro ever do something like this again? It was meant to increase sales if it had worked we probably would have had more stuff like this now well no one new about it and they all went walkys.. TRU really do suck sometimes..
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    Went to my local TRU today (London Brent X).

    Good news - as well as a fair variety of Saga figures (looks like they've cleared away a lot of the pegwarmers) they've got the gunship in stock for £39.99 (although I bought mine elsewhere about 2 months ago).

    Bad news - no sign of any silver R2s.

    Seems a bit barmy really, offering a figure free with a certain amount spent, when there's very little NEW product being brought out to coincide with it!
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    Will try B'ham later today and report back.

    I won't be holding my breath.

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    It is the same situation at Coventry TRU. Very little new stock for you to spend £30 on - Flipping Anakin, Deluxe Geonosian
    However, I hear some people are buying the AOTC DVD and a couple of basic figures and getting a free R2 Does this offer therefore include SW Lego as well - I hope so. This way I should be able to make up the shortfall until TRU put some better stock out!
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