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    Reports over on TPU that popcornlive have cancelled all preorders of the Silver R2.

    They have them for sale for 29.99 instead.

    Apparently, the preorder price was TOO cheap for them as they had no official price at the time.
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    Angry Oh dear god

    OK went to toys are us b'ham mon and got this look
    Spoke to guy who merchandises the sw toys, who is incidently a muppet, and he said to check back tomorrow after deliveries.
    Did that yesterday. Got this look
    BUT did get toys'r'us head office number.
    Rang them. They are of the opinion that the offer should have begun on Saturday.
    They are currently trying to track down a silver R2 figure at a store near me.
    Now I vaguely remember Hasbro UK saying there would be plenty to go around.
    I'm beginning to think that this meant enough to go around for those who know about the offer. Given the complete absence of any point of sale or advertising I'd say that the number of people who
    a. know about it
    b. want one
    is pretty much limited to the ten or so people who regularly post on this board.
    I therefore believe there to be only ten silver R2s in the whole country and that they are simply moving them steadily around every UK store until the ten of us each have one.

    If this is the standard of organisation that is going to surround offers like this in the future, e.g. the Jarg offer, then Hasbro may as well not bother. It's becomming far more hastle than it's worth.

    I am at least in the enviable situation of having bought only two saga figures since release so should t'r'u manage to track one down for me I will at least be able to spend the 30 pound required to get one.

    Rant over

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    Neither B'ham nor Oldbury have any R2D2s.
    Apparently however Coventry and Solihull do.
    What the f***k
    So basically assuming this was indeed a nationwide offer then B'ham and Oldbury's quota's have gone out the back door onto E-Bay.

    On the plus side the woman I spoke to at head office was extremely helpful and rang me back once she had contacted each store in the west midlands and confirmed if they had any R2s.
    But in general this whole promotionless promotion has been a complete farse from beginning to end.

    Oh well let's see what happens with the entertainer.

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    TRU are a bunch of muppets.
    At the one in Derby they did actually have some in-store adverts in the form of little cardboard thingys sticking out from the pegs on which the figures were hung. The cards said something to the meaning of buy 30 of stuff and get an R2. They didn't look like a rush job, so I'd imagine all stores should have had them, whether they put them out or not is another matter.

    If anyone's interested I've got an R2 for trade, but I'd like Simpsons stuff in return. See my thread in the trading forum for more.
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