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    TRU Lakeside

    Apart from winning all 'worst TRU ever' awards again there were a few nice surprises. There's about two ailse-end displays and the usual section (about three feet). There were a couple of Flying Geo's (with Jargo's added Reek Poopy), one Padme Pilot, and a Tusken/Massif. I got one of each except Padme.

    As usual the store looked like it hadn't been cleaned for months, with stock all overt the floor and shelves. When I asked at info about Artoo it met with total confusion / denial but that was absolutely NO surprise! There were two tills open and one had been at standstill for twenty minutes woith no evidence that the problem would be resolved so we all queued at the other one! Much quicker.

    Really, this store is a hole and it's such a shame it's the only one I know of nearby!
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    I know what you mean.

    The last time I went to the Thurrock store, the stock was all shelf warmers and the display looked like a bomb had hit it. It was good for a few weeks fter the film opened but went rapidly down hill.

    As far as I know it always been like it. You could try the store in Basildon, I've never been there though. I am kinds stuck between stores, Thurrock, Medway and Croydon.

    It's a shame ocs they got a good area to cover.


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