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    TRU Silver R2 - update

    The answer to one of this years burning question was revealed last night, on the Hasbro UK live chat.

    The TRU exclusive silver R2 unit will be available at TRU's in the next 2-3 weeks.

    Spend just 30, and get him FREE.
    TK6540 of the UK Garrison

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    I do believe I calculated it right then, the week prior to the DVD release no matter, it's soon and there's plenty of them to go round.

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    Got my silver R2 today. Not from TRU though.

    23 (26 inc p&p) will get you one from R2dtoys.

    It's a great looking figure, and the black cardback makes it really stand out.

    According to an email I recieved, TRU supplies will NOT be in collector grade condition.

    R2dtoys can guarantee c9+ condition, but supplies are getting low.
    TK6540 of the UK Garrison

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    I'm afraid I too weakened and ordered from R2DTOYS. I may yet also go to TRU for a second helping since I have a hankering to build some more armies but I simply wanted to ensure that I got one. I'm an opener so John could send me one with no packaging for all I care. 23 for a single solitary smal figure that's going to be opened? sounds like I'm paying a lot for not much at all but it's all down to how much you want something as to the value you place on it. If I want something badly enough the cost doesn't matter. It's the geting it that matters. The enjoyment of it that matters.
    Anyway, hopefully i got my order in before stocks ran dry. I think silver R2 will look excellent stood next to TC-14.

    Oh i know what you're thinking, I just made a hypocrite of myself. Possibly, possibly. At least I can admit it though. Do i feel shamed? Not a bit. Shame is not something I care to entertain. Least not very often.

    I shall be happy when i have my mits on this litle sucker sometime next week whether he comes on a mint card or a battered and dogeared one. As lomg as all his chroming is intact and he has the requisite paint applications I'll be content.

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    You won't be dissapointed with it E.J.

    I prefered to buy one from R2dtoys for 23, than go to TRU and pay 30 for stuff I don't want, just to get it for free.

    I'm feeling the urge to buy another though.

    I'm going to Memorabilia next month, so having one signed by Kenny Baker himself is a must.

    Signed in silver pen on a black cardback will look the mutts nuts.

    Oooo Suit Me Nicely Sir !!!

    whoops, my finger just slipped on that order button
    TK6540 of the UK Garrison

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    The worst thing my partner can do is go to bed before i do. I sit here all alone downstairs with the internet and the credit card details at my fingertips and...... last night i nearly went overboard and nearly ordered about 700 worth of stuff. I have a habit of window shopping on online stores, adding stuff to thebasket that i want and then seeing how much i would have spent before emptying the basket. I was over at TOY PALACE the other day and managed to cram 800 into the basket. So much money and there was really nothing in the basket but a few HTF figures. One of these days I'll end up hitting the submit button by mistake and god knows where that'll lead.
    I'm getting itchy order finger right now for those two new speeders, Dooku and Anakin, and the trash compactor sets. not due 'til next year but when you want to make sure you get something it's sooooo tempting.

    Popcorn had the silver R2 listed on their site a while back for just 8 they had a pre-order on it which very quickly got removed presumably after a million orders went in for it. Wonder if they'll still be so cheap if they actually get them in? I mean from what i hear, Popcorn is a small venture, seeing all the higher prices they might bump their price up too "due to unforseen circumstances the loer price we listed has not been possible to achieve, the new price is..." Maybe they'll honour the first so many orders at the lower price or just not bother with it at all exept for in store real world customers who shop with them regularly. Only time will tell.

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    E.J, while your shopping you couldnt surf on over to an pop a E.C Strat (blackie) into your shopping basket?, I'll pay ya back . Ive had my silver R2 for a few weeks now, he sits happily next to Saga R2, we all have our weak moments ;-).

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    Just got my second Silver R2 through the post today.

    Luverly Jubbly
    TK6540 of the UK Garrison

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    Yeah, I got mine today too. Nice - very nice. I had to open him of course. trundle him round his new home and meet the other guys..... him and TC-14 look absolutely fantastic together. Now if Popcorn ship out too that'll make the second one. If not, at least i have him and that I'm thankful for. :happy: Now I just need to make him a drinks tray to carry....

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    When is the TRU promotion expected to begin over here? I can't wait for it - I find that collecting Star Wars figures can get very boring, so its nice to have a new way of getting a figure.
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