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    I was at the TRU on Rand and got the last Silver R2 when I bought that last Luke Skywalker Speeder. I think it's pretty crappy that they put them out in a "bin of doom". Dollars to donuts that people where getting them for free without buying Star Wars stuff let alone $20 of stuff. I have never thought much of that TRU anyway. When they had tons of the queen ship, all the Red R2 Units had been ripped out. Crappy store yet again.

    The Target in Lake Zuirch (sp?) had the Lott Dodd wave for $3.00 no clone pilots, but a few Tuskin Raider Massiff, Watto's, and Temmeto. Not all where 100% mint though.

    Good luck this weekend. I'm going to see Seinfeld Live at Rosemount on Saturday. Should be a great time !!
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    Some people here had some questions about those boot leg clone troopers that where being sold at St. Charles. I don't know much but hear is an auction on ebay selling them (and doing quite well).
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    Golf Mill TRU had about a dozen CT Pilots yesterday. I picked up a few extra. If anyone needs any, lemme know.

    Any Ephant Mon sightings recently?
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    No Ephant Mon sightings since last week when I found two at the Palatine KMart. Been to a few Kmarts, Walmarts, and KB since then but no signs of any.

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    Picked up a Clone Pilot last night at the TRU in Gurnee. There was only one left. Only missing Ephant Mon now.

    Speaking of Ephant Mon.... I talked to a manager at TRU. He said that he talked to the Hasbro Rep about getting more Ephant Mon cases. The Hasbro Rep said the ones that got out shouldn't have. They were supposed to be released in late November in large quantities, so that they would be readily available for Christmas.

    Anybody pickup "THE DVD" yet? Just wondering if any stores are giving away any good promo stuff. I am going to price match with TRU's ad, so let whoever has the best giveaway is where I'll go.

    Anybody have an extra Silver R2 or know where I can still get one? PM me with what you want for it or where I can get it.

    Sorry this is so long, but I haven't posted for a while.
    Slow and steady doesn't win the action figure distribution race, but it sure makes the eBay idiots think they have ULTRA-, MEGA- RARE figures.

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    I don't know, but it makes good sense that Ephant will be avalable in great quantities. After all, you can still find the previous 2 fans choice figures. Without looking to hard. They want to make sure these fans choice figures are avalable for everyone.
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    KMart on 79th & Cicero has lots of the new Deluxe figs for $7.99, as well as plenty of all newer Collection 2 figs (minus Ephant).

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    Anyone actually get a copy of the DVD at TRU for $10? I got a full screen. I was there at 12:30 and they had 4 left (no more widescreens). I then went to WM and they price matched it for $9.99. I'm just going to return the one I got at TRU. A girl I work with price matched at Circut City, and hers only cost $9.50. I think they have a policy that they beat prices by like 5% or something. Pretty cool huh? I'm going to do that after work for my dad.

    Haveing trouble finding a decent price on the LOTR 5 disk set with bookends. Most places want $60 or $70 for it, but I thought it was supposed to be $50. Oh well, I may just settle on the cheaper version, but darnit I realy want those stinkin book ends :>.
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    I price matched my DVD at Target, even though they dont do that anymore...just be polite and they might do it
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    Angry DVD FIASCO!!!!!!!

    welll.... I still dont have AOTC on DVD, despite going to4 different places for it

    I am incredulous that FOX, Lucasfilm, & TRU could have underestimeated demand and botched this DVD's release on THE OPENING DAY as much as they did

    in case anyone cares, here's my saga:

    first, I went to TRU at Western & Addison at roughly 4:00pm

    despite a LARGE display and plenty of VHS tapes, the two shelves that obviously USED to have the DVDs were empty.

    they were sold out of DVDs 6 hours after the place opened

    so.... I drove up to Wal-mart on toughy in niles with a copy of the TRU ad in may hand to price match

    the dip-sh!+ kid at the DVD counter refused to price match saying the TRU price was a SALE price and they only match everyday prices

    to which I repsonded " show me where on the ad it says this is a SALE PRICE.... PLUS, how can it be a sale WHEN IT ONLY CAME OUT TODAY!!??!!??"

    anyhow, the bozo brat refused to price match so instead of buying AOTC and LOTR special edition, I exercised my consumer perogative and left withthem not getting any of my $50. (like big-bad Sam really cares....)

    but you know... **** them. there's something to be said for customer service and that brat was sorely lacking... BTW, Ive just about had it with that pathetic Wal-mart in Niles . I recommend you stay away

    ANYWAY... I decided to head for Brickyard Mall TRU at fullerton adn narraganset... and on the way stopped by K-Mart at harlem and Forest PReserve drive....they had ZERO DVDs.... only VHS but were willing to oredr a copy for me--HA!!

    finally getting through rush hour traffic, Brickyard TRU only had fullscreen DVDs.... they were sold out of widescreen....and the guy said they received so few widescreens, that I would have had to pre-buy to get a copy

    I dont get it.... we're not talking about some obscure collectors only toy like a TIE Bomber or something

    this is HUGE item that MANY people want to why was it so god damn hard to get a copy on the first day of release?!?!

    when the DVDs are sold out after it has only been out for a couple of HOURs.... somebody seriously underestimated demand--that's bad business....this is not some unexpected phenomenon were talking about here it like it was in 1977... this is part of THE BIGGEST MOVIE SERIES EVER

    Spider-Man a week ago was EVERYWHERE!!!! and cheap EVERYWHERE!!!! why not AOTC?!?!

    I suppose I could just go to best-buy, but TRU advertised a great price, wal-mart guaranteed a match... and K-Mart should have just had the thing BUT THEY ALL SCREWED UP!!!!!

    it was not unreaonable to expect that TRU would have the damn movie 6 hours after release.... but apparently TRU thought it was

    sorry....Im just ****ed off from traffic and frustration--and wal-mart brat clerks

    Im done driving around for this here I come

    **** the rest of the bastards

    A death mark is not an easy thing to live with.


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