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    k-mart in norridge had all the new dlx figures and the lott dodd wave as of 7:30 tonight

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    found all the new wave of dlx and regular carded figures today on my run down rand rd.

  3. #13 is up and running again lets take it back over there

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    Got to thank KIDD again for helping me again today.

    Anywho, Target on Mannheim and Touhy had Action Fleet wave 2 and 2 Dlx Geo Warriors.
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    anytime wolf just let me know

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    Okay I was in Vernon HIlls yesterday for work, and checked TRU, Walmart and question is this: How in the HELL does anyone who lives there survive???? NOTHING even remotely new, and Target was like a barren wasteland. The ONLY interesting thing I saw was at was an Anakin interactive lightsaver, som ething I had never heard of. OH well. And the TRU on Rand had a Jango pilot at 845 last night when I stopped. But I got it Oh and u1, that KMart is on Hicks Road, near Northwest Highway
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    Short of anyone finding Ephant Mon, I may have the find of the weekend. Stopped at Kmart on 95th & Pulaski last night and found a beat-up EP1 Naboo Royal Guard. The figure was in great shape, but the card was peeling and faded on the back. Believing that if they found one deep in their stockroom, there might be more, I took a step back & scanned the pegs. Over a few rows, I found it: Queen Amidala (Battle). Great condition (I won't say mint, but only a single crease on the card), but real dusty. I took them both for $4 each. I figure I can always trade the NRG to an opener later (interested?). The Amidala figure cleaned up nicely as well.

    KIDD: Which stores on Rand had the new basic figs? Need to decide for my lunch run tomorrow whether to head up Rand (and how far) or to head to Norridge Kmart (assuming it's across from Harlem-Irving Plaza, correct?)

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    Palatine KMart had the Lott Dodd wave...was hoping they still had the deluxe figs but no such luck
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    Skyywalker, it is hard to survive up north. I live in Gurnee, but I go down to Vernon Hills all the time.

    Anyway, I met the coolest TRU employee ever at the TRU in Gurnee. He had just finished stocking tons of new figs. His motto was if they are in the back, they can't be sold. I would ask for something and he would go and get it. They had tons of Anakin TA, Darth Maul Sith Training, Teemto, Ki-Adi Mundi, Padme CA and I was able to get the only Endor Tooper w/o beard (the TRU employee went and got me a fresh case so I could get this one.). The only figures I am missing are the Clone Pilot, Jango Pilot and the elusive Ephant Mon. The TRU guy said that he saw Ephant Mon, but he was only 1 per case. Not sure if this true, but he seemed to know his stuff.

    Now the bad news...
    I was there in the afternoon on Friday and went back on Saturday to pick up a couple extra figures to open, but all I found were a lot of Anakin TA. There is one Padme CA that I hid behind some stuffed E.T.s. If it is still there, anybody can have it.
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    I live in Vernon Hills and it isn't that easy. I did buy an Arena Playset at WM last week. From what I understand that is still rare in Chicago.

    I do have all the new figures with the exception of Ephan Mon, but I don't think a single one of them came from VH. It doesn't matter it's not as if these are going to be hard to find. The report that TRU are going to get in tons of new figures seems to be true. So in a few weeks they'll be plenty for everyone.

    Found Watto, Lott Dodd, Pilot Jango, Pilot Padme, and Pilot Clone at at TRU just south of the city. Well, about 3 hourse south in Champaign IL (U of I). Now I'm even with what everyone has found with the exception of Ephan Mon, but he's not out in full force yet. But he'll be easy just like the rest of them.

    Kidd why would you want us to go over to GH again when there surver cannot be trusted? SSG has provided years of great service without any kinds of problems?

    I'm staying put at SSG .

    Hey guys only 5 more days til St. Charles. Did everyone save thier allowance?? I'm getting excited
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