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    TRU on Rand had the Clone Pilot c ases, I asked and the guy was more than happy to bring out a case. He also said to watch for bins, they just hadn't set them up yet.
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    Hit TRU on Rand. The helpful employee brought out the only three cases they had in the back. Waves 4, 6, & 6.5 (Anakin TA & Maul). He said they were expecting more on Friday.

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    Kmart in Round Lake had all three new Deluxe figures. I agree with icatch9, Deluxe Anakin is pretty weak. Same goes for the Flying Geonosian, maybe, it'll be good for army builders or diorama makers. The Clone Trooper with Speederbike is pretty cool, but I can wait until they are less than 10.99 a piece.
    Slow and steady doesn't win the action figure distribution race, but it sure makes the eBay idiots think they have ULTRA-, MEGA- RARE figures.

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    I picked up a Deluxe Clone Trooper and Deluxe Geonosian on Tuesday night. If anyone wants them, I'd be interested in a trade first, otherwise, I'd be open to simple reimbursement for the cost.

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    Hey Chi-town. First, thanks to everyone with their reporting. Many of you have helped lead me down the path, so to speak, of locating the goods. The only figures I have yet to find are the blond Endor soldier, Ephant, and the latest deluxes (C3PO / Battle droid on) but I'm patient and will find them in time. Nothing new in the western suburbs. I did find a Red Battle Droid / Mace Deluxe at Target on Toughy. That was the only one on the shelf at the time. It's the first one I have seen. Anyone else having luck finding this pair? One last anyone seeing Ackelay's on the shelves anymore. Passed it up a few times hoping to find boxes in better condition and can't find anymore. Anyway. Thanks again and May the ...... you know.

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    Still tons of new stuff at TRU on Golf in Schaumburg. No blond Endor, no clone pilot, only one or two jango pilots. Kmart on Meacham had all old figs and a bunch of deluxe 3PO & Yoda each with a similar looking fold on the upper left corner.

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    There are plenty Deluxe 3P0's at the Target in Vernon Hills on 60. I also have an extra Ackley that I'd sell you for regular price. If you are interested just pm me.

    The Mace with the Red Droid was easy for a time, but now is more difficult. That is the lastest version of it, so theorectically it should be easier to find. It all depends on how many of each they made. Still, at this point nothing in the Saga line is hard to find.

    TRU in Vernon Hills had 15 yes that's right 15 Yodas last night. It's strange, but that was all the was new. I don't know if they got cases of Yoda (reminisant of cases of Maul in 1999), but they had a bunch.
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    Finds for Citydwellers

    went a-searchin at lunch and had great luck at TRU at Western and Roscoe (just south of Addison) in the city.

    they had TONS (i.e. too many to count) of Clone Pilots, Jango Pilots, Anakin TA, PAdme CA.... not to mention Yodas and Dookus coming out the ying-yang (hard to believe those two were once rare). they also had at least 4 republic gunships... probably more in the back. A clerk checked the stock room for me for Speeder bike clone and deluxe 3PO but no luck

    Super K at Elston and the Edens (between Lawrence and Foster) had several Ki-Adis, Lott Dodds, Tusken with Massif, and Teemtos

    (BTW.... does anyone besides me think the Tusken with Massif figure is une grande rip-off? just a reissue of the POTJ tusken with the recent massif?!)

    Super K at Lincoln and Kimball/McCormick had about the biggest selection of figures Ive seen in some time.... but nothing new. Looks like the Anakin TA, DArth Maul training, and Padme CA are EVERYWHERE

    ...but where are the speeder bike clones?!?!

    -Rash Flembar-

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    I totally agree with you Flembar. The Tusken w/ Massiff is a huge ripoff. I was saying that to somebody just the other day. Some of the pictures on-line made it look like possibly a new sculpt, but then I got my hands on one and compared. This must be what Hasbro does when they get stuck buying back the peg warmers. "Oh, the collectors want a Tusken w/ Massiff, well we have those old Tuskens laying around in the warehouse. Let's package them with the same sculpt of the Massiff and TaDa brand new figure."
    Slow and steady doesn't win the action figure distribution race, but it sure makes the eBay idiots think they have ULTRA-, MEGA- RARE figures.

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    That's not exactly how it works. They didn't and don't have a warehouse full of POTJ Tuskin Raiders. If you remember correctly he wasn't exactly a peg warmer. Sure it wasn't hard to find, but he's not Ketwol or Durros.

    Everyone better get used to these re-packages. Hasbro is going to do a lot more of it. It's not neccesaryily a bad thing. First off, it allows some figures to be bought by new fans that missed them the first time (i.e. Death Star Trooper, Scout Trooper). It also is a good business decision because Hasbro is actually makeing more money on the re-packages becaseu the tooling was already paid for the first time the figure was run.

    Toy companies love useing the same mold or cast for mulitiple toys. Look at Hot Wheels there are dozens of colors of some cars. Mattel was a wizard with this practice in the 80's, 99% of every He Man characters had the same body with a differnt paint job and head. They must of made millions off of that. So, Hasbro is finally getting on board with the re-deco idea. In some cases it bad and some it's great (who would complain about dozens of differnt head on an X Wing pilot or Imperail officer). Either way, it's not like we have to buy them.
    If you want to find it you have to shop.


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