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    Yeah, I was just kinda kidding about the warehouse. I do agree with you though. Seeing some of the hard to find figures or Army builders re-released is good for business and good for collectors. I just with they could've done a little more with the figure. I might have liked to see that as an accessory pack. They could've put the Tusken Female and baby and maybe the accessory rack from the Anakin TA or a second Massiff. Something along the lines of the other four accessory sets. This would be great for diorama builders. I don't build dioramas, but I think I would still buy it.
    Slow and steady doesn't win the action figure distribution race, but it sure makes the eBay idiots think they have ULTRA-, MEGA- RARE figures.

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    Made the run from Aurora to Fox Valley and thru the St. Charles store. Nothing of note except all the Target store had access pks falling of the pegs...
    TRU Fox Valley had all the figs through the pilot wave minus the clean endor trooper, plus about 15 12" luke taun taun.
    TRU St. Charles had the same.
    Looks like Walmart has started their returns .... only about a dozen basic figs in Aurora and the big basic was gone in St. Charles

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    Picked up a Jango Pilot at TRU in Gurnee today. They had pretty much every figure except, Clone Pilot and Ephant Mon. The only two I'm missing.
    Slow and steady doesn't win the action figure distribution race, but it sure makes the eBay idiots think they have ULTRA-, MEGA- RARE figures.

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    I'll be at Kane County, and I am gonna bring my box of carded army builders, extras, etc if anyone is looking for anything, pm me. I am more than happy to trade or let them go at 5 bucks a figure. Most of them are POTJ, so I paid 6 for them...let me know what you need
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    OK, what did you pick up at Kane County? I was there with my kids in our "monster-truck wagon" as someone called it, clogging the aisles. We only picked up two old 3PO's for the kids to play with ($4 ea.) and R2-B1 to help me complete my EP1 collection ($23).

    Other than that, the crazy stuff I saw was a clone trooper pilot for $17, deluxe clone trooper and deluxe yoda for $25 each. Can't believe what people are asking for things you can find in the stores.

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    I picked up a Luke w/ Taun Taun for $12, some E1s I missed for $3 a pop, and a couple of odds and ends here and there.

    There were some people asking ridiculous prices for stuff. Some guy was asking $40 for the Wicket/Logray. $40 for R2 w/ Holo Leia (non leg variant.) At the end of the day though, I only spend what I want on Star Wars. If someone is willing to pay $40 for a $5 action figure, so be it. I'm not willing to pay it, and that's all I worry about.

    Funny anecdote though, some guy had a half-circle, half-arm, blue elephant in a tree Boba Fett "error variant" for $40, and some guy was going to buy it for his 5 year old kid. When the seller realized it was for his kid, and that the kid was going to open it, the seller almost had a heart attack, I think. Some people...
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    I did very well at Kane Co. I bought Vintage Reble Troop Transport (the big ship, not the goofy car thing that talks), Vintage Battle Damaged X Wing, Vintage Darth Vader TIE, and Vintage White TIE Fighter for what turned out to be $25 each. They are all near mint to mint and look great. Just befor that I bought a vintage Imperial Shuttle. It was missing some parts, but it had the all important side door. Just the door has sold for more than $50 on ebay. I got the whole ship for $40. I bought all that in the first half hour I was there, and I didn't even get through two isles.

    I also got a loose vintage complete Imperial Hoth Attack Base. Also got a Sand Skimmer (It's a rare mini mini rig. It is considered the last vintage Star Wars Toy made) for $20.00. Also got a complete vintage AT AT for $50.00. I only needed the cockpit cover but for that price I just bought the whole thing.

    I also got some loose dead mint vintage figures to add to my quest (illness) of haveing eveyone mint. I only need a few more to have them all mint.

    u156446 I think I saw you with your kids pulling them around. You must of had a rough time. It's not your fault that they make the ilse 2 feet wide everywhere. People need to complain to the promotors not about you who was just trying to get your kids around the easiest way. Bet they didn't complain about the people in wheel chairs that faced the same problem. That place isn't very customer friendly .

    Wolfwood, I was standing right buy that guy trying to buy a $50+ Boba Fett for his kid to play with. It's always trouble when you are un-educated and trying to buy your child something. That guy didn't look hard enough. Probally could have found a Boba Fett for $10 or so. Besided that dealer was a bit over priced. I always look at his booth, but never buy anything becasue he charges to much and never deals to much.

    All in all a great show and I still have money left over

    Oh, yea. Nothing new in St. Charles or Batavia, but I didn't expect to find anything new so close to a toy show
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    icatch9 - you'd be surprised how well my land rover wagon manuevers. i thought it was actually easier in the outdoor areas since they're all straight-on pulls. it was indoors (as my wife was checking out the barbies) that we had the most problem with all the turns.

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    walmart in rolling meadows had three arena playsets this morning.

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    $2.99 at Target?

    as per Sir Steve's front page... anybody able to confirm $2.99 for basic figures at Target in this area?
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