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    Went to TRU in Vernon Hills at Lunch (1:30) and no sighn of the Silver R2's. They did have an ample supply of Arena's and Gunships along with several Yoda's and Dooku's. Plus Maul, TA Anakin and Padme Pilot.

    Holloween stuff is 1/2 off at Target. That means the Rubies costumes are down to $10 and the sabers are $4. Walgreens has their stuff %75 off but it was only off selected stuff, and I'm not sure if the Star Wars stuff was selected or not, but if you are in the market for such things it's worth checking out.

    T Minus 4 hours and 30 minutes until IMAX Lightsaber Fights
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    Kmart was a bust...not exactly I got there about 9pm (some glimmer of hope) and only found the new waves sans the Dlx Clone trooper & Clone trooper pilots
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    Got silver R2 today in St. Charles.The manager is being pretty strict about not handing them out until tomorrow unless you have a preview BB.... so if you are still looking they'll have them tomorrow morning. Good Luck

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    I was in my TRU today when the call came over the radio "These are not the droids you are looking for...."
    He starting laffing and said if since you have the big book are have inquired about the promotion you can buy the first one after I give the staff instructions!!!!

    whoa it is very cool.....which diorama should I use him in ????
    Collect 2 Collect (if you see someone damaging stuff kick them in the shorts!)
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    picked up a Clone Pilot at KMart , and got my Silver R2 too...woohoo!
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    Got my silver R2 at TRU yesterday. Bought an Obi-Wan starfighter for $19.99 to cover the cost. My boy turns five on Tuesday and already has the Slave I, and reminds me about once a week that he doesn't have an Obi-Wan ship.

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    Got my Silver R2 at Vernon Hills Saturday morning. They had the big toy book in the store. I just showed the picture to service desk lady and she was confused and lost. She talked to someone else who talked to someone else and then twenty minutes later the manager and another guy came out with 4 boxes of them. I got the first one at the Vernon Hills store. Very cool. They didn't have a clue what these things where or who got them. Pretty crappy that the managers didn't explain to them what these where.

    Well, I traveled south to Danville (my home town) to see the Bears game in Champain on Sudnday. I stopped at Mattson and Kankakee TRU's. The Mattson TRU had sighns up and eveything for the R2's but when I got up there ready to buy the Arena they said that they were expecting the R2's Monday they told me if I brought in my reciet they would honor it. I said no thanks and just bought the beardless Endor Trooper. At Kanakee they seemed pretty lost too, but they at least had them out. I bought the Gunship and got a second R2.

    Then Sunday in Champain I got another one when I bought 4 figures. These people where even more lost. They didn't even look at my reciet. I could of bought a candy bar and asked for a free one and probally got one. Oh well, these aren't hard to get or even rare, so I hope that everyone is happy.

    Oh, Target marked their Holloween stuff down to 75% off. Got an Anakin Lightsaber for $2.00. The costumes would be $5.00. I don't dress up so I didn't get any, but they didn't have any big enough for a guy as tall as me anyway. Still, for those or you with youngsters it's a good time to plan for the future .
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    Question off topic question--input on new X-Wing?

    this may be slightly off topic...

    since I need to spend at least $20 for the silver R2.... I was thinking about picking up the new X-Wing

    but I have thus far mostly resisted buying reissues of my classic toys

    but the new X-Wing looks pretty darn good to me and it has crossed my mind to buy it

    I was wondering if anyone has anythoughts on the new ship.... especially vs. the power fx x-wing of a few years ago

    is it just way out of scale with all the other rebel fighters (not that any of them really had a standard scale per se)?

    or is it as cool as I hope it is

    just wondering... thanks in advance

    -Rash Flembar-

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    Well, I haven't opened mine, but I have sceen one opened. The new Xwing isn't out of scale the rest of the ships are. The new Xwing is more accuract to the scale of 3 3/4 inches = 6 feet. It of course isn't perfect, but closer. It's a bit of a re-hash from the Power F/X but 10 times better becasue you can put Luke (or other pilots) in the seat and take out R2. It dosen't have a tacky handle or make noise. All in all it's the end all be all of the X Wing. Unless they do another color or a Wedge or Biggs version of the X wing I don't see them makeing another one in the near future. Especially since they don't seem to be selling very many of these.

    I say go for it. It's way cooler than most stuff, but I'm partial since it is my favoirte ship .
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    Hit TRU in Schaumburg at lunch. They still had some silver R2's left and weren't too concerned about following rules. I bought four basic figs ($4.99 ea.) and had to go to the service desk to get my free fig. At the desk, they pulled one out of the box and just handed it to me (didn't scan it). I asked for a different one because the one they gave me had bad folds in the card. The next one they pulled out had a smashed blister, so I asked if they could just grab a few and let me pick one. Upon hearing this request, the nice stocker who had offered to go in the back to get me some clone pilots a few minutes earlier proceeded to pull out a bunch to let me pick from, while the snooty b*tch behind the counter took the R2 with the smashed blister and tossed it OVER HER SHOULDER on to the floor. Real Nice.

    They looked like they had probably a dozen or less left behind the counter in varying condition.


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