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    Rand and Palatine, I'm sure I could do a mapquest search for the store. Haven't found any of the bikes around here.
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    The TRU on Rand is in Arlington Hights.

    Yes, the collectable toy Store I went to in Cincinnati was The Earth. It's the greatest store ever ! I wish there was a place like that around here. Still, if there were I'd be broke a lot more. If anyone is ever in the souther part of OH I sugguest makeing a special trip to go to that store. You won't be disapointed!

    Deerfield Target had one Tyranus Speeder and Delux Figs for $8.00. Also picked up Slave 1 action fleet there. I got the last one, and it's pretty cool.
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    I picked up new Action Fleet Slave I & Republic Gunship at Target on Rand yesterday (forgot to mention). Those were the last two there. If anyone is interested in these, I'd like to trade them for new(er) basic figs. Otherwise, if I don't get any interest in them, I'll offer them up for sale.

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    new thread is here guys....Chicagoland Spring/Summer 2003
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