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    All get a 10 from me as I love the vintage figs and think nothing can beat the feeling I get when I look at my vintage collection! It's all about nastalgia and being old
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    Big B, now that you mention that rebel commander looks like John Ratzenberger, I always thought that the White Bespin Guard looked like Rob Reiner when playing Mike Stivic in ALL IN THE FAMILY.
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    The last nine ESB figures and the first wave of ROTJ figures:

    Cloud Car Pilot - 8

    AT-AT Commander - 9

    Luke Hoth - 8

    Bespin Guard (black) - 8

    Zuckuss - 8 (renamed as 4-LOM in the POTF2 line)

    TIE Fighter Pilot - 9

    Threepio with Removable Limbs - 10

    Artoo with Sensorscope - 10

    4-LOM - 10 (renamed as Zuckuss in the POTF2 line)

    Luke Jedi - 9

    Leia Boushh - 8

    Nien Nunb - 7

    Emperor's Royal Guard - 10 neither modern version holds a candle to this one

    Ree-Yees - 8

    Weequay - 9 still better than his POTF2 version

    Lando Skiff - 9 better than POTF2

    Chief Chirpa - 6

    Klaatu - 10 awesome figure!

    Rebel Commando - 6

    Biker Scout - 8 better than the POTJ version

    Gamorrean Guard - 8 again, like most of the ROTJ line, better than his modern couterpart

    Logray - 8

    Squidhead - 10 has yet to be improved upon

    Admiral Ackbar - 8

    General Madine - 7 we really need a new version

    Bib Fortuna - 10 leaps and bounds better than that POTF2 piece of garbage

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    Originally posted by AdmiralPiett
    Big B, now that you mention that rebel commander looks like John Ratzenberger, I always thought that the White Bespin Guard looked like Rob Reiner when playing Mike Stivic in ALL IN THE FAMILY.
    Yep, and the Imperial Commander looks like General Veers (or the actor that played him). The Endor Rebel Commando and Boushh Leia both look like someone I have seen in films. Especially the Boushh Leia face (it is not Carrie Fisher), she looks like an actress that was in a lot of 80s teen movies, IIRC. Maybe that girl who play Micheal J. Fox's mom in Back to the Future. I dunno, maybe I am just crazy.

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    Cloud Car Pilot - 8
    At-At Commander - 9
    Hoth Luke - 10
    Bespin Guard (black) - 6
    4-LOM - 9
    TIE Fighter Pilot - 9
    C-3PO w/removable limbs - 9
    R2-D2 w/ Sensorscope - 10
    Zuckuss - 10

    Jedi Luke - 9
    Leia Boushh - 10
    Nien Nunb - 8
    Emperor's Royal Guard - 10
    Ree Yees - 9
    Weequay - 10
    Lando Skiff Guard - 10
    Chief Chirpa - 7
    Klaatu - 10
    Rebel Commando - 6
    Biker Scout - 9
    Gammorean Guard - 10
    Logray - 10
    Squid Head - 9
    Admiral Ackbar - 9
    General Madine - 6
    Bib Fortuna - 9

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    Slow down! Slow down! Give us enough time to digest the list a line at a time. We old geezers who actually remember the vintage line before the word "vintage" was mentioned can't keep up with the whipper-snappers!

    Now, where'd I put my cane...?
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    Okay, I can slow down a little

    Here're the last of the ROTJ carded figures:

    Prune Face - 7

    Klaatu Skiff Guard - 6

    8D8 - 9

    Nikto - 9

    Wicket - 8

    Rancor Keeper - 8

    The Emperor - 9

    Han Trenchcoat - 10 better than anything we've seen in the modern line

    Teebo - 9

    AT-ST Driver - 7

    Leia Poncho - 10

    B-Wing Pilot - 6

    Paploo - 8

    Lumat - 8

    (remember Paploo and Lumat were initially offered on 79-back ROTJ cards, I have still yet to figure out why they are considered part of the "last 17" - which should actually be "last 15")

    Just to put a lid on the ROTJ line of figures:
    Sy Snootles - 10

    Droopy McCool - 10

    Max Rebo - 10 (I loved this set!)

    Tomorrow, I will list the POTF figures and we will be all done here.

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    Red face Like a turtle, slow but steady...

    Bossk - 7 I liked all the mail-away figures, because I was almost always the first on my block to get them. Bossk looked cool (always wondered about the Rebel pilot-type uniform), but it's the lack of a decent gripping hand that dooms him.

    Lobot - 6 He was always in good shape because I hardly played with him.

    Lando Calrissian - 7 Okay, nothing spectacular.

    Leia Bespin Gown - 6 The legs where the gown was supposed to come down to the knees made her look goofy.

    Han Hoth - 10 My favorite figure of all. Holster you could actually put the gun in (none of my friends' holsters had the strap undamaged, mine either). Forget the second non-gripping hand. I love(d) snow, and he was Han!

    Luke Bespin - 10 Perhaps my second-favorite figure (and in the same wave, too!) TWO weapons?!? And Luke's awesome outfit. Plus, TWO gripping hands!

    FX-7 - 6 Eh.

    Dengar - 6 Eh.

    Hoth Rebel Soldier - 9 Another versatile fig. I don't know why, but this one just always was a favorite of mine.

    Hoth Rebel Commander - 7 See, now I didn't like this one as much.

    Snowtrooper - 9 loved this figure, and the vinyl cape keeps it from being an 8. It was hardest to keep this cape from being lost/ripped.

    2-1B - 8 Weirdest accessory made, but also cool. Two words twice "dirty water! dirty water!" (VERY inside joke).

    Han Bespin - 9.9 I was/am a big Han Solo fan, so every Han figure is rated highly, but I deduct 0.1 for the brown pants. Yes, I know the movie had them brown, but not so tan colored. I drew on my SW Han's arms to make the Bespin jacket, before this figure was made.

    IG-88 - 7 Two gripping hands, and two guns, but he was too tall to fit in most ships.

    Imperial Commander - 8 Versatile, cool belt buckle.

    AT-AT Driver - 7 I always made him a Stormtrooper captain. Shoulder strap rifle was great. My first carded ESB fig.

    Hoth Leia - 6 Leia figures were poor in the pre-ROJ waves.

    Ugnaught - 7 I love cloth accessories (was this the first one of ESB?). That case was odd.

    Bespin Security Guard (white) - 8 Versatile, cool figure.

    Yoda - 10 This was the crown jewel. I was the first to get him, and even the girls (ooh! icky! ) wanted to play with him. Great cloth jacket, cool cane. And it was Yoda. Yoda!

    I love this wave. One of Kenner's finest.
    "May the 4th be with you?" "Why yes, thank you for asking."

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    Prune Face - 7
    Klaatu Skiff Guard - 7
    8D8 - 10
    Nikto - 9
    Wicket - 10
    Rancor Keeper - 7
    The Emperor - 10
    Han Trenchcoat - 8
    Teebo - 8
    AT-ST Driver - 8
    Leia Poncho - 10
    B-Wing Pilot - 5
    Paploo - 10
    Lumat - 7
    Sy Snootles - 10
    Drropy McCool - 10
    Max Rebo - 10

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    Okay, just to finish this out, here are the last 15 figures from the line (I put "pass" on any figure I never owned) :

    EV-9D9 - pass

    Artoo with pop-up lightsaber - 4 just a lame gimmick when all I really wanted as a kid was an Artoo with a third leg. Plus the lightsaber looked more like a short, green baseball bat.

    Han Carbonite - pass (although he look to be just Trenchcoat Han with a different torso)

    Warok - 10 my favorite Ewok figure

    Imperial Dignitary - 9 nice figure, but was pretty useless just by himself, plus no gripping hands

    Romba - 8 awesome Ewok, but uses Teebo's arms, you can see the unpainted stripes sculpted into his arms

    Barada - 7 nice figure, but a bit of a disappointment in the sculpting department and a strange amalgamation of Barada and Kithaba

    Lando General - pass

    Anakin Skywalker - 8 I really liked this figure as a kid

    Luke Stormtrooper - 4 sorry, this figure is absolute crap in the sculpting department, even for 1985, if he was common I don't think he would be as popular as he is

    Imperial Gunner - pass (is that the AT-ST Driver body with a new head?)

    Luke Endor Poncho - pass (although I was really annoyed that he didn't have a removable helmet like Endor Leia)

    A-Wing Pilot - 10 I just really like this figure

    Amanaman - 10 the high point of sculpting for 1985 and still a great figure to own

    Yak Face - pass

    Well, that's about it. If anyone wants to do Droids and Ewoks figures then you are on your own.


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