This is the fourth figure rating thread, we have just completed POTJ and POTF2 and are simultaneously doing Ep1 figures and Vintage.

Rating system is 0-10; 0=worst, 10=best

So let's begin with the initial twelve Star Wars figures:

Luke Skywalker - 8

Princess Leia - 7 all figures with the vinyl capes automatically lose one point

Artoo Detoo - 10 my first Star Wars figure, still one of my favorites

Chewbacca - 8

Ben Kenobi - 7

Darth Vader - 7

Han Solo - 8

See-Threepio - 10 awesome chrome finish

Stormtrooper - 6 I don't think there was really any reason to have his head fused to his body

Death Squad Commander - 5 I only knew him as "the mushroom headed guy"

Sandpeople - 7

Jawa - 10 for the cloth caped version, vinyl cape would get a 7