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    Rate the figures

    This is the fourth figure rating thread, we have just completed POTJ and POTF2 and are simultaneously doing Ep1 figures and Vintage.

    Rating system is 0-10; 0=worst, 10=best

    So let's begin with the initial twelve Star Wars figures:

    Luke Skywalker - 8

    Princess Leia - 7 all figures with the vinyl capes automatically lose one point

    Artoo Detoo - 10 my first Star Wars figure, still one of my favorites

    Chewbacca - 8

    Ben Kenobi - 7

    Darth Vader - 7

    Han Solo - 8

    See-Threepio - 10 awesome chrome finish

    Stormtrooper - 6 I don't think there was really any reason to have his head fused to his body

    Death Squad Commander - 5 I only knew him as "the mushroom headed guy"

    Sandpeople - 7

    Jawa - 10 for the cloth caped version, vinyl cape would get a 7

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    Luke Skywalker - 6. It's the lack of a decent gripping hand that dooms him. I didn't really like the in-the-arm sabers, either. Brown Hair Luke: 6 1/2.

    Princess Leia - 6. It's the lack of a decent gripping hand that dooms her. All figures with the vinyl capes automatically lose zero points because vinyl capes are cool.

    Artoo Detoo - 6. It's the lack of a decent gripping hand that dooms him. Sorry, I liked accessories.

    Chewbacca - 7. It's the lack of decent gripping hands that dooms him. But Chewie was always neat, especially his bowcaster.

    Ben Kenobi - 6. It's the lack of a decent gripping hand that dooms him. And those weird pipe-looking legs!

    Darth Vader - 8. It's the lack of a decent gripping hand that dooms him, but Vader was a great-looking figure, even though they never resculpted him.

    Han Solo - 9. Finally, a decent gripping hand. Han was the man, even with the bent arm. His pants looked great. One of the best guns made.

    See-Threepio - 7. It's the lack of a decent gripping hand that dooms him. But he was my favorite of the droid pair. My original one is missing a hand for some unknown reason.

    Stormtrooper - 8. I always wanted a removable head, to put Han or Luke on it, but "robot" type figures rocked! OIl!

    Death Squad Commander - 7. I used him as a Rebel Fleet Trooper. Seldom was he an Imperial when playing. Very versatile.

    Sandpeople - 7. It's the lack of a decent gripping hand that dooms him. And those weird pipe-looking legs! But he was scary looking, and had one of the best sound effects (waaahhh! wong wong wong wong! )

    Jawa - 8 for the cloth caped version; MY first fig. One of the best small figures.

    I didn't really enjoy this first wave; the next 9 were awesome!
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    Luke - 7
    Vader - 10
    Leia - 8
    Jawa - 8
    R2-D2 - 10
    Chewbacca - 9 (incorrect bowcaster costs 1 point)
    Han Solo - 8
    C-3PO - 10
    Stormtrooper- 7
    Death Squad Commander - 8
    Tusken Raider - 6
    Ben Kenobi - 8
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    I got the first 4 figures in the early bird set. It was a big day in my life as a kid ...
    I carried that R2 figure around for years like a good luck charm.
    Luke Skywalker - 7
    Princess Leia - 6
    Artoo Detoo - 9
    Chewbacca - 9
    I still think today that the Chewy figure is one of the best toys/figures ever designed. Minimalist and durable ...
    though I always though it was weird that he had blue eyes.
    Ben Kenobi - 7
    Darth Vader - 10
    My favorite figure ever. It was just plain cool having a "bad guy" figure like this.
    Han Solo - 7
    Cool costume, but odd hair ... and what's with the "paddle" hand? (Though I suppose Darth has this too.)
    See-Threepio - 10
    They could have chromed cat poop when I was a kid and I would of liked it ... but, this was a robot ALSO.
    Stormtrooper - 8
    Death Squad Commander - 6
    Sandpeople - 8
    A great, simple, cool alien figure.
    Jawa - 8
    Another great, simple, cool alien figure ... and he's small too.

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    Okay, I'm a little slow to put up the next nine, but here they are:

    Luke X-Wing - 4 I know he was from 1979 and all, but he is just not very good

    Greedo - 8 good sculpt, he has Nabrun Lieds' body though

    Hammerhead - 10 excellent sculpting, the fact that he didn't have a lot of paint applications was very important to me as a kid, it meant I could shove him in my pocket and not worry about paint chips on fingers and noses and toes

    Snaggletooth - 8 for blue and 9 for red, I love the little short, stumpy body and the silver paint on the blue version's feet rubbed off too easily

    Walrusman - 6 how Lucas made a fuss over Snags but let this figure slip through the cracks I will never know, he is inaccurate from head to toe, but since he is an alien he is still cool

    Power Droid - 10 one of the coolest figures in the line!

    R5-D4 - 10 another great droid figure!

    Death Star Droid - 10 can you guess I love the droids?

    Boba Fett - 10 still looks good, even standing next to 300th Fett

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    Thumbs up

    Luke X-Wing - 8 I loved versatile figures. He could be Dack, Biggs, Wedge, anybody. I never understood why they made him wiht black hair (didn't realize it was supposed to be the visor until much later).

    Greedo - 8 great figure; one of my favorite aliens. He's the oldest figure that I still have.

    Hammerhead - 8 another great alien. The eyes looking to the side were a tad goofy.

    Snaggletooth - 5 I never had Blue Snaggs (but I still would give him a 6) as a kid, but this figure was only so-so.

    Walrusman - 9 awesome! For a kid who still took baths, this was the best figure. I LOVE(D) the flippers, and the sorta tilted gun hand sculpt.

    Power Droid - 7 he made a great Jawa flying craft. Liked the click-click noise.

    R5-D4 - 6 Only okay.

    Death Star Droid - 6 Not as good as Threepio (must'a been the chrome not gold color). It's the lack of a decent gripping hand that dooms him.

    Boba Fett - 10 One of the greatest vintage figures, with or without a rocket-firing pack. Loved the flamethrower on the wrist.

    These were the ones that began my obsession with SW figures.
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    Yeah ... I have to agree, this set of figures really put the whole thing over the top. Aliens and robots! What could be better?

    Luke X-Wing - 8
    Needed someone for that x-wing.

    Greedo - 9
    Great costume ... great colors. This figure really is a little piece of Pop Art.

    Hammerhead - 8
    Tall, boney, funny headed alien. So perfect!

    Snaggletooth - 7
    OK. He's kind'a the "Curly Joe" of the alien group ... but he's still great.

    Again ... great costume, great colors. Yeah ... the flipper feet are awesome. What's even cooler is that he has knee-high boots for them.

    Power Droid - 7
    Maybe an 8 ... after all, mine's 24 years old and he still clicks.
    Way better than the POTF "gonk" anyway.

    R5-D4 - 8
    At last R2 could have a little friend to chat with.

    Death Star Droid - 8
    I like chromed toys.

    Boba Fett - 9
    The only one of my original figures that I don't still have. I have no idea where it is ... I may have played with it until it turned to dust.

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    X-Wing Luke - 6
    Greedo - 8
    Hammerhead - 7
    Snaggletooth - 8
    Walrusman - 7
    Power Droid - 8
    R5-D4 - 10
    Death Star Droid - 9
    Boba Fett - 10

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    Okay the first waves of ESB figures:

    Bossk - 9 I absolutely hated this figure as a kid, although now he is one of my favorites

    Lobot - 8 dull and boring, but that's what makes him so perfect, unlike the Disco Lobot from the POTF2 line

    Lando Calrissian - 7 still docking points for the vinyl capes

    Leia Bespin Gown - 7

    Han Hoth - 8 cool figure, even though I never figured out that his gun fit into his holster until recently

    Luke Bespin - 6 alright, but he loses points for re-using the Star Wars Luke's head

    FX-7 - 8 probably about as good as this figure could get for 1980, doesn't hold a candle to the POTJ version though

    Dengar - 6 too short, jaundiced, really just an ugly character design also. Like Bossk, I hated this guy when I was a kid also, but those feelings haven't changed all that much for Dengar.

    Hoth Rebel Soldier - 5

    Hoth Rebel Commander - 8 is it just me or does he bear a striking resemblance to John Ratzenberger?

    Snowtrooper - 9 loved this figure, but the vinyl cape keeps it from being a 10

    2-1B - 10 one of the coolest figures in the line, I loved the see through stomach

    Han Bespin - 10 very cool figure, the Bespin outfit was always my favorite

    IG-88 - 8 nice figure

    Imperial Commander - 9 another of my favorite figures as a kid

    AT-AT Driver - 6 he's an alright figure and I love the AT-AT Drivers but there is just something about his helmet sculpt that I really don't like

    Hoth Leia - 10 my favorite of the Leia outfits

    Ugnaught - 10 what a great little figure!

    Bespin Security Guard (white) - 4 ugh! don't like him

    Yoda - 10 still the best Yoda ever made; cloth cloak and a working belt, all on a figure that is less than an inch tall. Hasbro could really learn a lot from this toy.

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    Bossk - 10
    Lobot - 8
    Lando - 9
    Leia Bespin Gown - 7
    Han Solo Hoth - 10
    Bespin Luke - 9
    FX-7 - 9
    Dengar - 6
    Rebel Soldier - 8
    Rebel Commander - 7
    Snowtrooper - 10
    2-1B - 9
    Bespin Han - 7
    IG-88 - 10
    Imperial Commander - 8
    At-At Driver - 8
    Hoth Leia - 9
    Ugnaught - 10
    Bespin Guard (White) - 7
    Yoda - 10


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