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Thread: Lego Mini Sets.

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    Even mini-er ships. Cool!
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  2. #12 has high detailed pictures of them up!

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    Its to bad there isn't a set with that mini Blockade Runner that comes with the Star Destroyer. I hope Lego does more sets. One with the BR and maybe a mini Star Destroyer. Just a thought.
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    U.K. gets a free kit sampler of the Lego Mini Building kits with thier version of the Star Wars magazine.

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    They're so cute!!

    ...From a certain point of view!
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    Smile Re: LEGO Mini Sets

    They look okay and I’ll buy them all since I collect all Star Wars stuff released by The LEGO Group but it’s a real pitty though that they aren’t in scale with each other even if they’re mini sets but the people who wished for these sets and that might not have a big wallet will smile.

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    The free UK exclusive set is a Tie Fighter.

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    The UK mini TIE Fighter set comes with the Official UK Star Wars magazine.

    Got my copy last night, the little TIE Fighter looks kinda cool, in a minature sort of way.

    May have to get a few more
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    yes, one to send to me at no charge right?
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    I got it as well it is cool.. I can see a whole fleat of them on my bookcase when they come out properly they haven't got a lot of detal but they still look cool, it's a nice freebe with the mag, and I'm not aposed to paying £3.99 for more of them when they come out..
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