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Thread: Lego Mini Sets.

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    They need to add:

    A-Wing vs. TIE interceptor
    Y-Wing vs. AT-AT (we never saw a snowspeeder shoot down an AT-ST, so why could we not have this set?)
    Nebulon-B Frigate vs. Star Destroyer (seen in ROTJ, plus I think it would be cool to see a mini nebulon, substitute the nebulon for a B-Wing if Desired)
    Millenuim Falcon vs. Slave one (Boba Fett Colors)

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    The AT-AT is going to come out soon, it'll be sold by itself. I'd like to see all the others you have on your list, but I can't picture a MINI Star Destroyer.

    I've seen a couple different unofficial Lego mini B-wings over the years, some are very creative and some are basic yet still pull it off by using hinge plates and a thruster tube (I don't know what these are called, they're molded to a 2-stud plate on one side and are otherwise symmetrical).

    I'd like to see a Mini Rebel Hoth Transport, Jabba's Sail Barge, and Imperial Shuttle.
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    The three ships you mentioned would make most Interesting as mini sets...the AT-AT is going to be sold by itself?..excellent...I'll be buying at least 3 of those..and about 4 of the snowspeeder v.s AT-ST

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    Found all four mini sets at my local Target four days ago. They must have just put them out cuz the price wasn't even in the compurter yet! I had to wait while someone ran to the back to check how much it should be. At 2.99 a set, I was very very happy. Cool lego sets that won't break the bank! My fav is of course, the AT-ST. It is also the most complex to build IMO. I also like the Slave I and the TIE Bomber. I also liked the podracers more than I thought I would. The snowspeeder is kinda dinky compared to the AT-ST, but overall, all the vehicles are pretty nice. Highly recommended stuff!
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    Bit of a dumb question, do the mini set come in a box or poly bag?
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    They come in a box, from a review I read, it seems the box can snap open and back shut so that you could build the sets in the box and still have a place to store'em.
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    pretty good idea if you ask me. i like the clamshell packaging they're releasing these in.
    can't wait to find em.
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    They just started showing up at Targets in Minnesota. They are great sets! I can't wait to stage battles around my Star Destroyer. Now, if only I can find a mini TIE Fighter ...
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    I found them at target, and they are cool. Picked up all of them except the pod racers.. Ill grab that later.. the packaging is cool as well, and they seem to throw in other pieces as well.. ( not just the ones that go with the extra set.. )
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    They do. The extra parts from each set combine to make a TIE Bomber. - The best thing since sliced bread.


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