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    Question New Saga E-Wing fighter ?

    Is it true or just another rumor ?

    Follow this link and read the Q&A 5 and 7.

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    There's no mention that the E-wing will be re-released. Mark understands that the ship is hard to get and writes only that it would be nice if Hasbro put these out.

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    Why would kids buy a ship to play with, that has no figures. He said that having 2 seperate figure/vehicle line would be detrimental to overall sales. How so? I mean wouldn't Hasbro make money form both lines? "Mini or not?"
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    Only speculation on my part, but Action-fleet -- heck, SW toys in general -- probably sold better among the older demographics. So Hasbro re-focused AF toward the detail-oriented enthusiasts. Kids who lose interest in the new direction would spend that much more on the 3.75" line. Without the play features, the vehicles are redefined as more "collectible" and draws the crowd that was turned off by the toy-like qualities. Just look at the new packaging.

    At least that's my theory, and I'm sticking to it.

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    this is very true, hasbro has etered the pure collectable market with the re-introduction of the action fleet line.

    the new releases are definately more geared to display than play purposes.

    mason and i were playing with the new action fleet this weekend, and the view from an eight year old is that "the at-te is cool to look at, but man does it stink that you can't put any figures into it." as fer the sailer? "give it to emily" (his 7 year old sister) "i don't want it"

    and that concludes masons review............................
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    Hey GSJ, tell Mason that I'll take it.

    Hasbro seems to have little idea what the SW toy market actually wants:
    But sales of Star Wars products continue to be disappointing. Hasbro, which is four years into a 10-year, $590 million partnership with Lucasfilm Ltd., is hoping the upcoming release of "Star Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Clones," on video, DVD and Imax will spur sales heading into the holidays.

    "We have had great initial response to many of our new (Star Wars) products," Hassenfeld said. "(But) we do need to get momentum from the DVD and video release."
    My guess is that Hasbro won't rerelease the E-wing at all since it's not in the films and they seem to be very gunshy about EU these days.
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    I would love to see the rerelease of the E-wing. That, the Tie Defender and Virago were nice EU additions to the Action Fleet line.

    Plus, for a completor's sake, the only ships that I were unable to pick up at retail, were the E-wing, Virago, the Falcon, and the Landing Craft. I picked up the Landing Craft through a trade with SWAF and Haggis (thanks guys!) and the Falcon I picked up when the EpII line first hit.
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