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    Help...I'm dying here!!!

    OK, I quit smoking on Jan 27th and I haven't touched tobacco since. The early days were TOUGH!!! The last couple of months have been easier.

    However, I have suddenly been saddled with a heavy dose of extra stress and I feel like I'm gonna break. I mean it, I haven't had the urge to light up this bad since day 1!!!

    I just had to say it, it helps me cope. Any word of encouragement would be good. This is the first time I have seriously considered lighting up in a LONG time.

    Running through the list of why I quite/shouldn't light up:

    1. For my daughter.

    2. For my wife.

    3. For my health.

    4. Because it killed my Grandmother.

    5. Because it is slowly killing my Mother.

    6. Because I have come to far to give up now.

    7. If my wife can deal with quitting so can I.

    8. Because I need to set a good example to my fellow soldiers.

    9. Because I will NOT give anyone the satisfaction of saying I couldn't do it.

    10. Because I want to help others quite.

    Argh, after almost 9 months how can this stuff still have it's claws in me??? Damn nicotine...more addictive than heroine!!!

    May the force be with you.

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    Damn nicotine...more addictive than heroine!!!
    i've heard this said numerous times and i don't believe it. that or either heroin isn't very addictive. i've smoked numerous times, sometimes for short periods, and have never felt it was addictive.

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    This sounds like its a real problem and can't be solved through "Forum Advice." If it's that serious, seek professional help.
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    I guess one of the big factors (psychologically) is the act of doing something 20 or so times a day, every day for 9 years (or however long a the smoker has smoked) and then giving it up. I had a habit of smoking when I was stressed out. It served as a release for me. Now I'm stressed out again and that trigger is being pulled.

    When I was going through smoking cessation classes they warned us about "triggers". Times when we used to light up automatically. For me driving was a big one. Pulling 24 hour duty was another one (I have 24 hour duty TOMORROW by the way). And of course stress, usually just the negative stress.

    Anyway, they also said to try to find other things to do, besides smoking. Posting here and talking about what I am going through is a big help for me.

    It's not really something I need professional help for, I just need to...vent.
    May the force be with you.

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    Well, I have never smoked in my life, but here is my advice.
    -Get rid of every cig in the house and DO NOT BUY MORE.
    -Keep thinking of your list of reasons and adding to it.
    -Imagine what it will do to your lungs.
    -Stay away from secondhand smoke. It can trigger the cravings.
    -Find a healthy habit (jogging, etc.) or at least chew gum. I hear that putting an object the same size as a cigarette will sort of simulate the feeling of having one, except without the nicotine and tar and tobacco and formaldehyde and smog and rat poison and carbon monoxide and sulfur and arsenic...I could go on all day. You don't want that stuff inside you...
    Congrats on quitting, by the way. Hang in there.
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    Yoda didn't smoke, and lived over 800 years. Use the Force, sithkiller...

    Seriously, hang in there. The fit will pass, if it hasn't already.

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    D.S. is right about keeping cigs out of the house. Someone told me that after you quit, your lungs will regenerate themselves (for the most part) in seven years. Whether that was true or not, it helped me quit. It gave me a specific goal to reach toward. I am pretty close to reaching that goal, but the cravings have long since passed. You'll make it.
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    Keep up the good fight SK99!

    Coming from a family of smokers, I kinda understand how tough it can be to quit. Out of both parents, and two siblings who smoked like a chimney, my father has been the only one to kick the habit as of yet (and that was due to health reasons). My mother must of quit smoking fifteen different times only to go back to it. She told me she started when she was twelve. It was the thing to do back in the 50's, smoking was (and still is) glorified, and you were considered 'cool' if you lit up cancer sticks.

    If you do feel stressed, turning back to your old smoking habit is not the healthy thing to do. Whenever I do get stressed, I get a nice hot bath going and I just kick back and relax (too bad our family's bath is two inches shorter than my frame, or I would be comfortable and relaxed).

    Originally posted by derek
    i've smoked numerous times, sometimes for short periods, and have never felt it was addictive.
    Wow, with that line, you'd fit right in with the tobacco companies!
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    Hey SK!
    Listen I've never been a very addictive person, so I don't know how much help I'd be, but addiction although chemically enhanced is still a mind over matter problem!

    Every time you get an urge, do something else, go out and buy a pack a gum or something, you need something to replace the craving of a cigarette! If you do it enough times, your mind will no longer want cigs, although you may have to put all your money in Juicy Fruit stock with all the money they'll be making off ya!

    Although, from the sounds of it, you really need to remove the stress factors in your life, easier said then done, believe me I know, but then could always go to a Naked Massage Parlor!!!!

    Good Luck!..your gonna need it.
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    every time you wanna buy a pack, instead put the $ in a jar instead - in a couple of months you can buy a car! ...

    seriously, i respect anyone that tries to break an addiction from something.

    keep adding to the list - it'll help.

    if need be, use the patch.

    use it as an excuse for some extra attention from the missus? that'll help with the stress!
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