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Thread: I vs II

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    Question I vs II

    I haven't visited Sir Steves' site in awhile, and as I went back through the past 100days threads I didn't see any threads about this, although I'm sure it's been debated repeatedly, but I'd thought I'd ask it anyways...Which do you like better The Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones?

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    AOTC. TPM I like a lot, just AOTC had less boring talky **** and more good stuff.
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    All my favs, but if I had to put them in any particular order:


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    Attack of the Clones. It has less Jar Jar, and no annoying 9 year old Anakin. Plus digital Yoda ownz
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    ANH and TESB are the only Star Wars movies that matter to me. Which leaves


    TPM is fairly stable, but ROTJ and AOTC just bounce back and forth between being kinda good and really bad. Ironically, the good rests solely on Ian. Twenty years ago or now, he has made Palpatine better than the material he's given.

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    Oh man, ATOC all the way. I do like TPM a lot, but ATOC is so much heavier. But, I still think TPM establishes the settings and characters necessary for making ATOC so good.

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    AOTC is better. I liked TPM but AOTC has a stronger plot, a better Sith lord, better characters, and is more like the originals.

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    TPM provided the background story for ATOC which provided all the action. I liked ATOC for that as well as starting the introduction of familar characters such as the Clonetroopers. I can't wait for III.
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    Umm . . . what the hell does "ATOC" stand for? As far as I'm concerned, it's not called "Attack the of Clones."
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