When I got Ki, it was on top of getting my Gunships, my electronic 12" figures, and my PlaySkool Falcon and X-wing.

I think that Ki was kind of ignored in light of all the cool stuff I got in those couple of days.

But I was looking at him, and this is one seriously cool 12" that I always wanted since Phantom.

Plo Koon looks awesome and I can't wait to get him.

I really hope that Hasbro will continue to rock the 12" Jedi Master line. I know SaeSee Tiin and Eeth Koth are rumored, but I'd like to see more like Adi Gallia, and some non-Council Masters like Luminara, Aayla Secura, and Kit Fisto.

So how successful are the 12" Fan Club Exclusive Masters?

Do you think they're going to sell out what they planned to?

Did everyone here order Ki-Adi Mundi now?

If not, how come? Are you going to? Why or why not?