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    Rockwall and Greenville havethe new Tie Bombers in Stock. They also had some of the Clone Trooper w/Speeder bikes as well. Everyone is getting the new LEGO SETS -- still havent seen Ephont Man -- But I am starting to see alot more of destroyer droids and yoda's with chairs...
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    New Figures in Plano

    Wal*Mart at Spring Creek and 75 has Obi-Wan w/spear, Darth Tyranus, and Yoda w/chair. They had 3 of each at 5:20 pm today. I passed on them because the cards/bubbles were damaged...but if you open your figures and you need these then hurry over there.

    Wal*Mart on Coit and 190 has 3 Tie Bombers in the new Saga packaging.

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    Thanks keith koth! That's the second time you've helped me! I picked up Tyranus and Obi-Wan. I passed on Yoda, don't want that one.

    Oh my god, does Obi-Wan suck! He has got to be one of the worst figures ever. Does Wal-Mart take returns on open figures?
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    Well, Obi-Wan went back to Wal Mart the next day. He is that bad.

    Anyway, today I saw 11 Tie Bombers at the Wal Mart in Mchinney, and 9 at the one in Plano (spring creek). In Mchinney they also had some screen scenes on the botton shelf. I'm going to kill myself trying to find Ephont Mon!

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    UPDATE !!--
    Rockwall had the new Tusken Raider and Teebo. I have yet to find Ephont Man or any of the other new figures. Tie bombers are easy to find around here -- also, no Holiday Sets or Trash Compactor sets. Will keep looking...
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    Well anyone looking for Holiday Editions, get yer keysters down
    to the WalMart off of Swisher road in Denton. They had at least 8 on the shelf. Found lots of tuskins and teebos at Vista Ridge KB. Um, lets see where else. The Target in Lewisville had the new (re carded) Death Star dude wave.. The Target in North Richland hills had the new Padme and Tuskin and had two yodas and one other new one i cant recall at the moment. Go now my children, claim these toys as your own. I release you....

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    Nothing in the DFW area to report per se, but I did just get back from Austin where I was set up at the Austin Collector's Expo. A guy across from me had Padme (Droid Factory), Ayla Secura, Lama Su, Tusken Raider (the latest), the Library Droids, and two or three other newer figures. Has anyone seen them in these parts yet? I've honestly not been shoping in a while so I have been missing out of late.
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    new stuff

    I found Aayla and company at Soopa target last week, but have not seen them since, although I did see evidence (The three new figures are 1 to case in this early assortment- if you see two library droids on the pegs it's a good bet they had Aayla)

    Anyone seen the new Action Fleet in town yet? MUST...HAVE...THEM!

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    Saw Dooku with his Speeder at Target in Allen today... There was only one and I did buy it so it may still be there..

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    What has happened to the Dallas area? Are we "dying on the vine"? There seems to be no new shipments of figures to any retailers around here. This is depressing!

    Did anyone go to the sci-fi expo in Richardson last weekend?

    I thought they moved the sci-fi expo from Plano so they could afford to lower the price of admission. I guess not! Who here thinks that $10 is too much to pay...just for the opportunity to purchase overpriced new figures? Heck, the newer figures are cheaper on ebay than at the sci-fi expo...especially when you figure in the price of admission.

    I'll get off my soap box now.

    Keep stuff is certain to show up in the area soon...I hope.
    Of course that's just my opinion...I could be wrong!


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