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    Crap. I found the new Tusken last week and I totally forgot to mention it. Sorry.

    It was at the Supa Target in west Plano, off Parker and the Tollway. There was one left when I got done with them, but it's probably gone by now.

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    I did not go to the SCI-Fi Expo. I am a fan of the Plano Centre and just dont know if I could go any other place. I wanted to see B.D.W -- but he up and cancelled -- so there was no real reason to go -- then one of the brothers jedi said that he could not be there -- so by this time I said forget it!! $10 is too much to spend to not even get tto see good people -- not to mention any SW Characters -- I hope the next ones will be better...
    JediBoulton --
    Collecting SW Since 1978. -- Still going strong......

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    I don't go because of the guests anymore. When Carrie Fischer was there, they had her curtained off and I didn't want to stand in line just to get some ink. I did see some of them fem Jedi's though. I go for the toys... mainly.

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    Oh Yea -- the toys are GREAT also -- its always a walk down memory lane. I have a nephew that is just getting into SW -- and it is a treat for him to see the characters and meet the people. He enjoys getting his picture taken with all of them and taking them to "show and tell". "I met Darth Maul and Jango Fett!" -- It is so cute! The toys will always be the # 1 reason to go -- but the actors are a great bonus to the day
    JediBoulton --
    Collecting SW Since 1978. -- Still going strong......

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    JUst spotted the new Speeders in Rockwall Last Night. I left them there -- I was not too impressed -- though Anakins Swoop was VERY nice! I will get this when they go CHEEP!!
    JediBoulton --
    Collecting SW Since 1978. -- Still going strong......

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    I have yet to find anything locally at all, except at the Dallas ComiCon of course! It was a shame about Billy Dee Williams cancellation, but he should be there (in Richardson again, not Plano) in July. I was lamenting that as I thought we were going to have to miss that show (our first since March 2002), but it looks like we will be there after all!

    And I usually see Adam there, I don't recall seeing him at the last one though. But then it was pretty crowded.
    "Does the name "Dingo" mean anything to you?" - Jedi Boulton to DingoDad at the October Dallas ComiCon.

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    I really wanted to go, but I have been buying transformers like a booze hound with uh booze, so I didn't have any money. I'm going to try for July. I really wish I didn't have to wait until October for another Plano show. It's only like 10 min from where I live..

    I haven't found anything new Star Wars related lately (hence the Transformers kick), but I have been seeing a lot of the 3po and Yoda deluxes at Target lately. They poped up like in August and then dissapeared. Now I see them all the time.

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    I saw the new Dooku, Obi with Spear, and Endor Commander ithout beard at Rockwall Wal-mart last night. Looks like we are still getting some figures -- its just taking FOREVER!!
    JediBoulton --
    Collecting SW Since 1978. -- Still going strong......

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    hello, ive not been here for a while but i thought that i would offer my collection to you guys before i auction it off on ebay. i would really rather sell out right to local collectors than have to go thru listing all this stuff or setting up at a toyshow. i live in arlington so if any of you in the dfw area are interested, pm me a list of things that you are looking for. i have new and vintage star wars, gi joe, micronauts, and assorted other figure lines. thanks
    no smiley zone!

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    Hey dingo may I ask why you are selling your stuff now?

    And what compromises your "assorted other figure lines"


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