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    a young lady has entered my life and has quikly become the center of my attention. i have not had a raise at work in 2 years and there is talk of more layoffs. if i need to move for either of these reasons, i dont want to be dragging this stuff along. my interest in toys has dwindelled a lot in the past 2 months so i feel the need to put this stuff in my past and move on.
    batman, turtles, indiana jones, johnny west, universal monsters, lord of the rings. i figure that you were hoping that i would mention transformers...but the only transformer pieces that i have are two catologue booklets and a stabelizer fin for starscream. i might also have a silver missle left to one of the cars.
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    Not alot to report from the Richardson/Plano area, but as of an hour ago, I did see the following:

    Toys R Us in Plano (Parker & 75) had:

    Unleashed Slave Leia x 3
    Unleashed Darth Vader x 3

    I don't collect Unleashed, so when I left the store there was still 3 of each left.

    Good luck and happy hunting!
    Of course that's just my opinion...I could be wrong!

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    Target in Plano (Northeast corner of Park and the Dallas North Tollway) had the Deluxe Super Battle Droid Builder x5 and the Deluxe Spider Droid x2 as of 11:30 this morning. I did not purchase any, so hurry over if you are interested in these.
    Of course that's just my opinion...I could be wrong!

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    The TRU at Park and 75 in Plano has 6 Imperial Forces 4-packs as of 2:00 this afternoon.
    Of course that's just my opinion...I could be wrong!

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    for those of you interrested, there is a new comics/action figure store going in @ the festival marketplace mall @303 and 360 in arlington.they are in the back wall of the building. i believe they open on the 31st.
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    It's almost 6 months into the year, and I've only bought 2 figures, and only found 4 new ones. I'm in serious withdrawl here..

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    Hit your local Targets!

    I've been to 3 Targets this afternoon...all of them had new figures!

    Target on Park and the Dallas North Tollway had: 2 Barriss Offee figures and 1 Libary Droids(all had dented bubbles).

    Target on Parker and 75 had: 1 Red Battle Droid, 2 Yoda and Chian, 2 Barriss Offee, 1 Imperial Officer (Blonde), 1 Lama Su w/ Clone Youth, 1 Padme Droid Factory Chase (all figures had minor bubble damage)

    Target in Allen, TX just North of Plano on the south bound side of 75 (I think it is the McDermont exit)had: 2 Aayla Secura, 3 Barriss Offee, 1 Lama Su w/ Clone Youth, 1 Libary Droids, 1 Padme Droid Factory Chase, 1 Ashla and Jempa padawan 2-pack, 2 Yoda and Chian, 1 Red Battle Droid. (once again, minor bubble damage on all figures)

    All figures were at their respective stores as of 3:00 pm today. Once again I had to pass on all figures because I collect Mint on Mint Card only

    Of course that's just my opinion...I could be wrong!

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    The only withdrawl now is from my bank account! *Heads to Target*

    Well, I was able to get Yoda and Chian, Bariss, Aayla, and Padme. Jempa and Ashla were gone.
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    Hi I'am new to this boards so I want to say hi. I thought this would be a good place to start on the boards with my fellow Texans. As of today June 21 I have only seen 3 new 2003 SAGA figures at my local Wal-Marts.

    They were Droid Factory Padme, Tusken Raider with Removable head and the Jedi Temple Droids.

    I haven't been able to find a Deluxe Clone trooper with Speederbike for my Ginship. Or any of the new Jedi figures.

    However I have been able to get some good mark downs like the Gunship, The Arena and Slave 1.

    If I do find some new stuff I'll be glad to tell you. After I get the ones I want 1st.
    Where are those new Star Wars toys?

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    Good luck finding the speeder bike.. the only one I ever saw was the one that is currently on my shelf.. and I found it in Louisiana.


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