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    Endor Rebel Soldier appears to be holding...? in the picture

    I swear that on the Endor Rebel Soldier picture (on the front of the figure) it looks like the guy is holding the hilt of a lightsaber. What the heck is going on here? What else could it be? I am sure it is a lightsaber.


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    Yep, he's holding Luke's Lightsaber. The pictures are from some Death Star set photos of the Endor Rebel Sodiers with Luke. They appear to be candid shots, as the ERS's never were on the Death Star, and they were good guys. There is also one of them posed with Darth Vader. Lemme dig up the thread.

    Here's the thread, and the links directly to the two pictures. Notice our favorite eye rolling ERS is there, just without his cheap photoshop Goatee and forest background. Note that the one on the other side of Luke is holding Luke's Utility Belt.

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    That's strange, there had to be another photo of a Endor soldier. One thing, if these photos were for fun why do theylook so bored? I mean I would be smiling and LOL!
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    They're just publicity shots. used for magazine articles and the like. the rebels arte supposed to be looking mean and nasty for some reason. Who knows what they tell the extras about the part they play in the movies. Take AOTC, the guy in the documentary with the big umbrella stuck on his back was told he was a backpacker and in the visual dictionary he's referred to as some kind of dockworker. The rebel shots have had me wondering why they didn't use the royal guards or the stormtroopers since Hamill would have been filming with them at that time, my guess is that this was shot between takes on the rebel briefing scenes. Those scenes were beset with problems due to pidgeons roosting in the roof of the soundstage so they had to keep doing retakes which meant loads of waiting around goofing off taking publicity shots......

    The guy they used for the pic on the saga packaging is familiar to me but i can't place his name. i know I've seen him on TV recently though. One of those actors who crops up all the time in small roles but you never catch the name in the credits.
    The younger guy holding the utility belt is the one they based the vintage endor rebel figure on. This has probably already been said but since this thread is here...

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    I thought the soldier on the left (the one that was used for the vintage) was a girl.
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    I always thought that those pictures could be hinting at an early plotline that might have been dropped from ROTJ just before filming. It is entirely possible that GL had a group of Imperials dress up as Rebels to capture Luke. Of course, this is 100% pure speculation on my part and based solely on these photos, which could very much have just been a joke.

    Although it does bring up some interesting ideas on what might have been for the ROTJ storyline.
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