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    Ok, I have been reading all the reviews and such for the 4 disc Fellowship of the Ring DVD, and it was stated that New Line and Peter Jackson plan to do this for the following two films. So that being said, I started to wonder what Lucas planned on putting on The OT discs when they finally see the light of day. I feel that the Fellowship SE will set the standard for DVD, but particularly with this Genre of movie. Will Lucas attempt to match the quality of these LOTR discs? I would kind of expect nothing less. LOTR is an absolutly Fantastic movie, and bound to be a fantastic trilogy, but Star Wars has been around for 25 years, and has had so much of an impact on people, and contributed so much to popular culture. The two disc prequel DVDs are great for the prequels, but there is so much more that should and could be done for the OT, and by waiting so long Lucasfilm is only building our desire for the discs. Anything less I think would be a disapointment.

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    If GL does meet or beat what New Line has done or will do for the LOTR then great. For all I care though he could release the OT in a paper bag and sell it for a hundred bucks and it would still get more play than any other disc I have.

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    Agreed, and I don't really think that Lucas needs to try to compete with the LOTR's boxset. Besides, with the movies being filmed so long ago, special features are going to be a little harder to dig up for a 4-disc set, then somthing like LOTR's that was made with DVD in mind.

    The best thing that Lucas could do for the OT DVD's is include the original making of shows, that were later edited into the "From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga" special. The original shows were alot better then the re-edited version.

    He needs to include the special features from the Laserdiscs as well, especially the tour of the Lucasfilm Archives. That is a cool 30 minute tour of all the props in the Archive Warehouse.

    Then just the usual Deleted Scenes, Trailers, Audio Commentary, and all new interviews with the cast would be perfect 2-disc sets for each film. Lucas could even include a bonus disc, if they do a boxset of all three movies. Similar to the Jurassic Park bonus disc.

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    I don't think Lucas needs a 4-disk set to beat LOTR Extended Version. I think AOTC DVD looks ALOT better than that. All Lucas has to do to make them better than the LOTR DVD is make them exactly the same as the Prequel ones, they're PERFECT!!!

    I don't think Lucas even needs to compete with LOTR, the Star Wars movies are the main things on the disks, and Star Wars would beat LOTR any day!!!

    Even if we only get a barebones DVD I would not be dissapointed. I would in the sense of not having many Extras, but I would have the movie on DVD and that would be enough for me .

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    The only thing I hope is that Lucas puts out the Original Versions of the Original Trilogy and not just the Special Editions. I can't stand the Special Editions and I just want the Original. Lucas could easily sell seperate sets of both and make enough money off of them. Besides what does he have to worry about making money for. He is already a multi millionaire.
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    Wow, I didn't mean to everyone so worked up. I just thought it would be great if he did something of that magnitude. I think The original films deserve better tratment then the Prequel discs, which are very, very good. There will be 3 cuts of the films when the DVDs arrive, 1 per disc, plus a disc of collective extras, some deleted scenes, Biggs and Luke, Wampa in Echo Base etc.) I suppose I was too harsh in my initial post, but I just think it would be great.

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    I'd love to see a crap load of deleted scenes. They ought to include a bonus disk with the holiday special on it.
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