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    KB exclusive ship+pilot is not a rip-off!

    I read that Thrawn called the set a rip off. The regular ship, and the ship with the figure are the same price. It's a free figure! It's actually really cool that i can actually see what i am buying. One time at a con,I got tricked into buying a Lost in space ship which suppodly lights up. Instead it was an empty box..
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    Oh its a good deal. Too bad I bought them both individually before the KB set came out. Grrr!
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    Everybody should know by now that this place is more fun when you stop taking Thrawn seriously. There's no receipt scan, the sticker shows a markdown of $21.99, and we're supposed to infer that buying it is good because it's going to be rare, I guess.

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    Actually, the "rip-off" at this point is the one without the figure. That one is still priced at 22 bucks at KB. They should reduce that one to 17 bucks, to make up for the lack of a figure. Then everything would be even. And those people who already purchased the Obi-Wan pilot separately would be getting as good a deal as the people who are buying the version that includes the figure.

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    I think this set is actually pretty cool. I am a non-opener, so the window box really gives this set a good look.

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    I believe that it was referred to as a 'rip-off' because harbro is attempting to sell collectors what they have already bought, but in a different box. I personally have not bought the ship or the figure because I don't really care for either of them.
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    The ship is nice but they shoved the figure in with it because it's a crap figure that wouldn't sell otherwise, it's such a waste of plastic! take the robe off and look at the arms to facilitate that crapola gimmick. The leg pose is ridiculous for a figure that's supoosed to be able to fit into a tiny cockpit space. the plastic skiert of his tunic doesn't bend enough so he won't sit right. The ship is alright and pretty good fun but that figure? forget it. I'd rather buy a Padme Amidala arena escape figure!!!

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    hey, I like that figure
    he has enough articulation to hold his lightsaber in TWO hands and even in an attacking OR defensing (does that word exist) pose
    the only problem is that he can't stand without a stand ( ) and that the headpiece is kinda ennoying but overall he's a good figure IMO
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    Defending... oui, 187?

    The JSP Obi is better than some figures, but not many. I like the Coruscant Chase version better.

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    I kinda like the pilot figure than the CC figure... but that's 'cos I've got my "un-piloted" version. This figure is great for lashing up to the arena pillar.

    Anyhow... back to the subject. I don't think that the ship/figure set is a rip-off. I just think that it was a little too little, a little too late. It would have been pretty cool if the initial release came this way with the figure packed on card for those who didn't want the ship. That's just MY opinion.
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