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Thread: Bird of Prey

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    Bird of Prey

    Well, my husband works for Boeing and he told me about this NEW plane that was developed and it's called the Bird of Prey...this is NOT a MICRO machine!!!!....
    Bird of Prey

    Looks cool!

    Perhaps I shouldn't link directly to Boeing, and cause high traffic so use this link to the pic instead ....

    To see the movie
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    can that really be so? it appears to only have one wing on the left side of the aircraft (right side when view the photo), and some sort of tail configuration on the other side.

    you can see it much clearer with the high resolution link.

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    i stand corrected, i found some additional images of the plane, here's a photo of it from the back clearly showing the wing configurations

    the plane had it's maiden voyage in 1996.

    here are some sites detailing the craft

    popular science special report

    st. louis dispatch article about the plane

    wonder why the boeing photo is as misleading as it is, or am i daft? it truely looks like there is only one wing in the photo posted by r2
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    The wing is there in R2's pic, but the angle and the background make it kinda blend together plus since it's so short going upwards it's hard to tell.

    Cool plane, wish I had one. If the drop angled wings were longer, it'd look a bit like a Klingon BoP.
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    Hey R2,

    I don't suppoooose you could ask hubby what he thinks about the Flying Triangles that have been sighted over the US and UK. I'm of the opinion that the smaller ones are stealth technology and the football-field-sized ones are ET.

    They are usually black with a white light at each apex and a big red light in the centre comme ši et comme ša

    if you can. I have heard Boeing are meant to be in on the design and if it's not too compartmentalised he may have an opinion, non



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    PapaBC3 These are quite common up your neck o' the woods, have you heard anything about them? I bet the MAFF get's P.O'd with the cattle being sucked up into these things

    (It's not called MAFF anymore is it??)


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