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  • Rappertune: the musician

    85 10.23%
  • Herme Odel: the Baraguin

    125 15.04%
  • Bubo: the frog-dog

    102 12.27%
  • Tanus Spijek: the Elom

    25 3.01%
  • Sergeant Doallyn: the Geranian

    85 10.23%
  • BG-J38: the Roche B9 Worker Droid

    49 5.90%
  • Ak-Rev: the Weequay

    21 2.53%
  • Yarna dal Gargan: the Askajian

    165 19.86%
  • Woof: the Green-Nikto

    36 4.33%
  • JQuille: the Whiphid

    98 11.79%
  • Umpass-Stay: the Klatooinian

    26 3.13%
  • Shasa Teil: the Ishi-Tibb

    14 1.68%
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    Sergeant Doallyn, just because he's different.

    Like others, I'd like to see Hasbro do more aliens.

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    Hermi, disgusting looking aliens are always cool.

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    If it wasn't for Yarna, I wouldn't have voted at all since there's no "none of the above" choice. I'm just not a fan of Palace aliens, they seem more like set decor than characters to me - much moreso than the bulk of ANH's cantina characters (though in the SW Chronicles, there are definitely cantina aliens I had never noticed before and wouldn't want action figures of).
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    Sorry for the post pad, but I think we are getting BG-J38 Droid as a Star Tours figure, at least that's what I read here so don't vote for him!
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    Het JJB, we finally agree on something! I voted for Yarna. Do you think Vic Secret has her size? HeHe! Second, I voted for Segeant.
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    Great Poll!!! But again it won't let me vote. Out of these I'd like to see Rappertunie (Shawda Ubb- according to the visual dictionary)
    , Hermi Odle, Ak-rev, Yarna, and Woof become figs. I tried voting for Yarna. It was a hard vote overall- with me it came down to Woof and Yarna because these are vintage Kenner figs. Yarna was a prototype and the detailing was great! (Star Wars Action Figure Archive- page134)
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    Originally posted by Lord Tenebrous
    Tanus is my first choice, followed by Hermi and Yarna.

    They could always do him up like MOTU's Grizzlor. Because we all know that kids love fuzzy evil toys, right?
    I voted for J'Quille the Whiphid as my first choice.

    The fuzzy, evil figure thing got to me, plus J'Quille's big and SIZE DOES MATTER!

    Meanwhile, to be honest, I'd really like to see ALL of these characters made. Yes, JediTricks, they ARE set decorations and I'd like to complete my construction of the Jabba's Palace set, and then decorate it with these figures. Many of us interested in these would.

    I suppose if you collect other toy lines, it doesn't matter to you as much to have all the interesting back ground characters from the movies, such as the Cantina aliens in the SW chronicles, too. But if Star Wars is all you've got, let Hasbro run wild with these ideas and give them all to us.

    The Ishi-Tibb figure that was made before was in the uniform of the Rebel Alliance, and not a thug from Jabba's. This chic-thug (yes it's a female Ishi-Tibb, like we could tell... isn't easy to customize either, for the very simple reason that the Rebel Ishi-Tibb figure was always hard to find, and still is. It's not worth going on E-bay after if you want 15 of these guys for different scenes like Mos Espa, the Pod Race Arena, Jabba's Palace, the Pod Racer Hanger...(yes I can state 15 or more scenes...not that you care...)

    Completing the Max Rebo Band, as well as completing all the aliens from Jabba's Palace, the Vintage collection, would be both cool, and feel right. The Woof figure, released in 1983 as "Klaatu" was never redone for the modern line. The skiffguard version, the real "Klaatu - but of the Green Nikto species" was in the modern 3 pack. There were two "Klaatu's" in the olden days. This one that we don't have, had the real-feel goat's fur wrap on him.

    Sgt. Doallyn is cool, isn't he? Of all the more human-formed characters, the "tank-head" Doallyn has got to be the coolest!

    The Elom is way under-rated. Perhaps not next to J'Quille for best furry alien, but still the Elom is cool!

    Herme's a must-have. But he is similar to Ephont Mon in that he is another very large, robed, hooded, ugly-thing. Getting J'Quille first will offer an appearence of greater variety in the large size and then we'd better get to Herme. I love his blood-dripping mouth!

    JARJARBINKS: As to Rappertunie and Bubo, they are proving to be quite popular on the poll in spite of being smaller figures. If Salacious Crumb wasn't already made, we'd be screaming for him. But look what we got: a static-posed Lizard-Monkey. You can't move Salacious and he's not articulated. With 2 sculpts he still needs a resculpt. How sad is that. At least the importance of Bubo and Rappertunie to some fans is demonstrated by this poll, and an articulated figure could be provided, versus what's only a prop. I mean, how do you pose Salacious if you want him to hang from (Vintage) Jabba's hooka? You can't. Our current little guy can't even sit down.

    Contrast this with Kabe that came in the 2-pack with Muftak. That's the way to do Rappertunie or Bubo. Sure they'll get packed in. But they'll be worth it, this time!

    In any case, Hasbro really can't go wrong making stuff from these choices. I hope they'll see this and at least go for the top 6 or so. Some of these guys are really close in this poll!
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    I'd like to see them all made, but if I had a choice it would be Sergeant Doallyn, just because I like the look of him the best. IMO

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    I am suprised that woof the green Klattu is so low. He was one of the original Return of the Jedi vintage figs so thats why I voted for him. He was one of my favorite figures from Return of the Jedi and I really really want them to make him

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    This poll is much closer than was the Cantina Alien Choice Poll we did earlier this year. I'm not sure what conclusions I could come to from the voting differences.
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