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  • Rappertune: the musician

    85 10.23%
  • Herme Odel: the Baraguin

    125 15.04%
  • Bubo: the frog-dog

    102 12.27%
  • Tanus Spijek: the Elom

    25 3.01%
  • Sergeant Doallyn: the Geranian

    85 10.23%
  • BG-J38: the Roche B9 Worker Droid

    49 5.90%
  • Ak-Rev: the Weequay

    21 2.53%
  • Yarna dal Gargan: the Askajian

    165 19.86%
  • Woof: the Green-Nikto

    36 4.33%
  • JQuille: the Whiphid

    98 11.79%
  • Umpass-Stay: the Klatooinian

    26 3.13%
  • Shasa Teil: the Ishi-Tibb

    14 1.68%
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    i voted for woof. my all time fav. jabba cronie from the original line, not to mention a becent army builder fig.. my second choice is j'quille

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    My first choice is Herni Oddle.....he's ugly, he's big.......just like Aphant second choices are J'quille and Elom.....big furry aliens like Muftak..............
    those bog ugly aliens really look cool with other figures being smaller than then..........Of course yarna gets a 3rd choice because she's as big as dexter.......

    Well, I believe Hasblah can't go wrong if they choose any of these figures.........Oh , BTW I'm expecting the rescuplts of Bib Fortuna and the Gamorrean Guard !
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    jedihunter25, I added your vote manually.

    Originally posted by Tycho
    Yes, JediTricks, they ARE set decorations and I'd like to complete my construction of the Jabba's Palace set, and then decorate it with these figures.

    I suppose if you collect other toy lines, it doesn't matter to you as much to have all the interesting back ground characters from the movies, such as the Cantina aliens in the SW chronicles, too. But if Star Wars is all you've got, let Hasbro run wild with these ideas and give them all to us.
    If they're just set decor, why not take those pics you made up, print them, cut them out, and glue them to cardboard backing? It's cheaper and more accurate to the decor anyway.

    You call these "background characters", but my point is I don't even consider them characters. The Tonnika sisters are background characters, Hem Dazon is a background character, Yarna d'al Gargan is a background character because they do something, they react to their surroundings and add to a presence of "real life", but many fans would ask what is Hermie Odle doing? Where is he in the film? Where is his face? Why is he a drooling sack of meat who just stands in one place? IMO, when Hasbro makes too many of these "who the heck is this guy" figures, it puts the already in-danger line of being killed a la the original POTF. Do you know how many Squid Heads were shelf-clogging in the mid-80s???

    And as for the SE-characters, I didn't think one of them deserved to be in the film, so I don't think any of 'em should be immortalized in plastic. Bad enough we have a Joh Yowzah figure already IMO.
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    Originally posted by JediTricks
    jedihunter25, I added your vote manually.
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    I would like to see all of them made. I'm tired of Hasbro making figures from the Cantina. I would like to see more from Jabba's Palace.
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    I chose Rappertune because I have the whole Max Rebo band figs
    except for him and Ak-Rev, not sure if their is anyone else that hasn't been made. But Rappertune because he is the most unique of the remaining Max Rebo's. Was Ak Rev actually part of the Max Rebo band though?
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    Scruffziller, Ak-Rev and Umpass-Stay are the two thunder drum players that were added to the Special Edition. You can see them in the background during the "Jedi Rocks" song. According to the Decipher cards, they just play the drums for visiting musicians, but they are not actual members of the Max Rebo Band.

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    Sgt. Doallyn w a Bubo pack in .


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    This syupid thing never lets me vote!!! I'd pick the worker droid, something new, something fresh!

    Or a really well done Jabba would be nice!!!!!!!
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