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  • Rappertune: the musician

    85 10.23%
  • Herme Odel: the Baraguin

    125 15.04%
  • Bubo: the frog-dog

    102 12.27%
  • Tanus Spijek: the Elom

    25 3.01%
  • Sergeant Doallyn: the Geranian

    85 10.23%
  • BG-J38: the Roche B9 Worker Droid

    49 5.90%
  • Ak-Rev: the Weequay

    21 2.53%
  • Yarna dal Gargan: the Askajian

    165 19.86%
  • Woof: the Green-Nikto

    36 4.33%
  • JQuille: the Whiphid

    98 11.79%
  • Umpass-Stay: the Klatooinian

    26 3.13%
  • Shasa Teil: the Ishi-Tibb

    14 1.68%
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    I'll put your vote for the Worker Droid in manually, Bryan.

    To all: I'm very much in favor of seeing Bubo and Rappertunie as pack-ins with larger figures or deluxe figures made out of Yarna (w. Rappertunie) and Sgt. Doallyn (w. Bubo - since they both guard the throne room door), but with the amount of votes they are getting (consistantly within the top 6 out of 12 choices) means that collectors take these characters seriously, and they should be articulated. If that means they come as Deluxe figures since there will be two fully molded and articulated creatures in each set, than let it happen.

    Regardless of size, each figure is just as expensive to make. It's the molds that need to be cast out of metal or something to hold the plastic. Plastic and "saving plastic" is not a concern, nor does it really add to the cost. With articulated figures, every body part that has to move needs its own molded metal "crucible" so to speak, to shape the hot plastic into a hand or arm with a T-plug so it can rotate when the figure is assembled. That's why Teebo was not in a two-pack with a separate Ewok. It was Hasbro giving us a gift and being nervous of marketing Ewoks when we got a two pack. Note, the Ugnaughts and Jawas (in the two-pack) were never that articulate like a regular figure. They had salt-shaker legs. Heck, Yoda should come with either 2 legs that work independently of each other, or he ought to always include another figure or large accessory.

    Oh, and if these are or are not CHARACTERS, such as if the Cantina characters DID something in the movie:

    Sgt Doallyn rushed Boussh as "he" entered the throne room and you saw a pair of furry Wookiee hands toss the guy into a wall. That's more action than the Arcona had (by raising its head to look at Luke - and no matter how bad I want an Arcona). Doallyn actually had action that required he be played by a Stuntman. DUH....

    Bubo speaks. "Wrrruffff- Wrrruffff" and "Uuurrp!" were his lines. That's more than Labrina the Devaronian said or did (he just gave the most awesome wicked smile, though! I love Devaronians). But Bubo has character and George Lucas actually wrote his lines without needing Johnathon Hales to help him script it.

    Herme Odel is clearly seen sort of laughing, blood dripping from his mouth, when Threepio says, "Oh my! There's Captain Solo - and he's still frozen in carbonite!" Dannik Jerikko barely had more motion than Herme did - Dannik just had a pipe and twice as much sophistication. But lacking it is still one way one has character - just not very good character

    The band members each played a role. I still prefer "Lapti Nek" as a song over "Jedi Rocks," but why they couldn't just play something by Nirvana is beyond me. I obviously don't share musical tastes with Jabba, but I don't eat frogs out of a snackquarium either. Of course, I wouldn't mind a beautiful girl with long dark hair wearing only a bikini being chained to me.... but I digress.
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    Originally posted by JarJarBinks
    Scruffziller, Ak-Rev and Umpass-Stay are the two thunder drum players that were added to the Special Edition. You can see them in the background during the "Jedi Rocks" song. According to the Decipher cards, they just play the drums for visiting musicians, but they are not actual members of the Max Rebo Band.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks
    cool that is what I thought.
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    umm i think were missing the bigger part of this- We need a decent Jabba first!!!!! however for the sake of the poll i voted for the frog-dog- course he could be a packin with Jabba since we have a recent Salacious Crumb (sp?).
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    I just had to vote for Rappertune... Cool name isn't it? Rapper who has a tune to it's rapping! hahaha... Well I just thought that musicians of SW should be cool!! Like Max Reebo, Cantina BBand etc...

    "It was just a little story outline with bits and pieces," -- George Lucas

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    I went with the Whipid. He'd be a big, cool lookin' guy. But I would also like to have voted for Yarna and the drummers.
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    Ahhh...this is the stuff, I'm glad Doallyn is in the poll as he does play an important role as a Palace guard and a skiff guard,plus he survives being hurled by a wookie!
    But for my vote I have chosen the Elom,as he(she?in some pictures he/she apppears to have breasts) is one I remember from alot of the promo posters from ROTJ as a kid and he looks quite original. J'Quille,Yarna and hermi all came close.Apparently Hermi Odle is Jabba's armourer and he also may have installlled the security systems in the Palace.
    Also the Elom is referred to as Viggriev in the Star Wars galaxy guide no.9"Aliens' for the role playing game.It contains lots of info about our crazy alien friends. Bring on Jabba's minions!!

    Plus of course Jabba himself,with Bubo!

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    Hem Dazon is a character and Hermi Odle isn't? Whatever. Dazon was just a floating head! The Tonnika sisters are legitimate cinematic characters and J'Quille and Ephant Mon aren't? Again, whatever. Personally, I don't have any delusions about Jabba's aliens being legitimate characters any more than the Cantina aliens were. They're all just set decor, it's just a matter of opinion over who you like better. Jabba's cronies just look a million times cooler IMO, so I want figures of all of them.

    Anyways, this poll was a tough choice. The characters I wanted most were Umpass, Wooof, J'Quille and Hermi Odle.

    However, Umpass is an SE alien, and thus takes a lower priority. Besides, I want the next Klatooinian Hasbro makes to be Kithaba.

    Wooof almost got my vote, but the vintage version was absolutely perfect and a new version would most likely just have a sculpted plastic loincloth, immediately making it inferior to the vintage version. And I want all-new, never before made aliens from Jabba's Palace, which brings us to....

    J'Quille and Hermi Odle. I wrestled forever in my mind deciding on who I wanted, so I went with my foolproof method of picking a new action figure:

    Just vote for the biggest hunk of plastic I can get my hands on.

    Thus, Hermi Odle got my vote.
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    I voted for Yarna which is no surprise. My second vote would go to hermi Odle and my third to Rappertunie. If i had two more votes that is.

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    I didn't get to vote, but I would have voted for Hermi Odle. He's big (looks biger than Ephant Mon even) and is even more disgusting. I've always wanted them to make him. To me, he stands out more so than some of the others. Like everyone else, I would have liked to voted for all.

    Second: I would have chosen J'Quille or Yarna
    Third: (Not counting Bubo and Rappertunie, I consider them pack-ins too) It would be Sgt. Doallyn, and Tenus.

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    OK - Jabba's Hit Man, I'll manually put in a vote for Herme Odel for you.

    I finally got Ephont Mon yesterday, and I'll say: He could easily be THE figure of the entire collection! What quality! He has articulation at:

    both legs
    the waist
    his tail - yup - under his robe he has a tail!
    His arms
    His wrists (for vibroblade moves you were never expecting!)
    His head turns!
    And his mouth is poseable (so he can chew his food or drool)!

    Of course his cane conceals a secret vibroblade (you attach from where it hangs on his hidden weapons belt).

    If they did J'Quille (my top pick here), Herme Odel, and Yarna Dal Gargon like this - man would Jabba's Palace totally waste even the Cantina as the best figure source!

    The difference: in the Cantina, everybody was about their own business. Greedo was no real threat to Han because he was stupid and Han was armed. Ponda Baba and Dr. Evazan might have been tough, but they were no match for a Jedi like Obi-Wan and perhaps only Muftak, who is not prone to be a bad guy, surpasses Chewbacca for sheer, brute strength - though Chewie's got a pirate's honed fighting skills! In fact, Chewbacca was by far the most dangerous character in the cantina! The Sandtroopers did not dare mess with him!

    But in Jabba's Palace: everyone was there to kill someone and make themselves wealthier or more powerful. Chewbacca was chained and unarmed. The Whipid, Chevin, and Elom were all bigger and stronger than he was anyway. Han was also unarmed and blind on top of it. Did I forget to mention that the galaxy's most dealiest Bounty Hunters Boba Fett, Bossk, and Dengar were all there? Leia was there, but chained and impotent at the moment. Lando had to maintain his disguise, so his weapons could hardly do any good without more allies to back him up. Finally, Luke had the Force, but he too was unarmed and his friends were in close quarters, surrounded by cut-throats versus when out on the skiff, Luke could keep them away and out of danger for the most part.

    In short: JABBA'S PALACE RULES!!!

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