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  • Rappertune: the musician

    85 10.23%
  • Herme Odel: the Baraguin

    125 15.04%
  • Bubo: the frog-dog

    102 12.27%
  • Tanus Spijek: the Elom

    25 3.01%
  • Sergeant Doallyn: the Geranian

    85 10.23%
  • BG-J38: the Roche B9 Worker Droid

    49 5.90%
  • Ak-Rev: the Weequay

    21 2.53%
  • Yarna dal Gargan: the Askajian

    165 19.86%
  • Woof: the Green-Nikto

    36 4.33%
  • JQuille: the Whiphid

    98 11.79%
  • Umpass-Stay: the Klatooinian

    26 3.13%
  • Shasa Teil: the Ishi-Tibb

    14 1.68%
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    Which character from Jabba's Palace do you want to see made next?

    BEFORE YOU VOTE: click HERE and see all the Aliens' Pictures with their Names!!!

    With the long awaited Ephont Mon in the next assortment of figures set to ship, it is time for this: the SSG Readers' Choice for the next Jabba's Palace Alien!

    OK, there are more than 12 possibilities, but I tried to pick ones that would be very distinct and widely recognized.

    I wish Hasbro would do at least 2 of these per year and we'd have them all before the interest in the movies wanes after Episode 3.

    - and then possibly still more.

    I'll also fit in my disclaimer for why all the various versions of skiff guard Weequays, Niktos, and Klatooinians are not shown in the poll. I decided to pick the Nikto that completes the Jabba's Palace figures that were released in the vintage days, and I also decided to go with the Weequay and the Klatooinian that complete the Max Rebo Band, as seen in the Special Edition.

    -the tiny picture insert of Max on his keyboard indicates if a character in the poll is a band member - there were 12 total, including the back-up singers we got as a Jabba's Dancers Cinema Scene

    If the figures of skiff guard races are popular or not popular, their actual members who ARE really skiff guards can appear in a later poll, when we could revisit Jabba's Aliens after we get some of these new creatures made for their first time.

    But in any case, we'll get an idea of which choices the majority of you are interested in, and sort of how they rank.

    Now choose which one you'd like to see the most, and vote!
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