I took photos of my collection about a month ago to send in for the Ultimate Collector Contest Hasbro is putting on. I don't expect to win, but I do have a very large collection and thought I'd share it with you. The first two photos are of my POTF 2 Figurs and Vehicles. I have all the vehicles and figures ever made in the 3 3/4 scale since 1995. A few weren't avalable at the time of the photo shoot, but I do have them. The photo of the figures is only a fraction of what I have, but it's all that I could fit in the photo. The photo of the vehicles is more complete with only a few items not present.

The third photo is of my vintage vehicles. I have over have of the vintage vehicles and playset and they are represented here. Again, some are missing and a few have been added to my collection since the photo.

I will add photos of my vintage figure collection wich I have all of the figures ever made(with the exception of a couple boys named Fromm).

I hope you enjoy the photos. I am not trying to bragg or show off, but I think these photos are cool and I thought some other people would think the same.

Any positive or constuctive comments are welcome, but please don't bash me for showing off. This collection has been in the makeing for 24 years now and it has been a joy !!