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    Question Jango Fett was the model for these guys?

    Okay, if the Stormtroopers are indeed Clonetroopers in new clothing, they must have found a different clone source for these guys. Jango held his own with a Jedi. The Stormtroopers cannot hold their own with Ewoks. Yeah, I know Jango has a pretty big bag of tricks, but you would expect Stormies to be better shots with their rifles. I assume EpIII will develop this, otherwise I suppose EU will come up with some excuse like rapid degeneration or mutation from the original source. Am I the only one who has given this any thought?
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    What do ya expect, their rifles are ancient, and even worse they're kit-bashed! How cheap can the Empire be, they just made the butts shorter on the Clone rifles and added a fold-out stock and they expect them to be able to shoot a main character when it's not meant as a main part of the suspense? Bah.
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    Jango's DNA sequence was used to create the clones but there are some significant differences between Jango and the clones.

    The clones wouldn't be able to stand up to a Jedi because:

    1. You mentioned the bag of tricks... everything that came with his bounty hunter outfit

    2. The clones were trained by Kaminoans, not by Jango himself

    3. None of the clones had battle experience. They only had battle training "theory" taught to them via simulated computers.

    4. The clones don't have any passion. They are trained to fight using fighting styles and commands. Jango fought against Jedi with passion and disrespect for the order.

    Ten clone troopers couldn't defeat Jango in a fight because of the above reasons. That's the same reason that stormtroopers are relatively useless against Jedi.

    For that matter, Ewoks fought with more passion than stormtroopers.
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    JJB had a good answer to this over here.

    Originally posted by JarJarBinks
    I doubt they are, since I know I recall reading in the Visual Dictionary or one of the other books that the DNA that is used for cloning is only good for a few hundred thousand clones before the sample is exhausted. Now that Jango's dead, they don't have a fresh specimin to get the DNA from. So maybe the Stormies in the OT are infact clones of clones, which could explain why they are stupider and worse shots in the OT, then they are in the PT.

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    Or maybe the growth acceleration process was sped up even more somehow, and the clones didn't have enough time for sufficient target practice . . . maybe???
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    Here's another question. Why did the clones have the same accent as Jango? Unless he talked to them a lot, they'd most likely sound different.
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    Jango DID talk to them a lot! He read them bedtime stories, and had lunch with them... Seriously, all of the theories are good. The clone-of-a-clone theory, the Mandalorian armor, and stuff. Here is my theory-Suppose the Clones married/had children? If they did, normal human DNA would mix with their clone DNA and sort of dilute things a bit. The Children of the Clones (corn ) would be stormies. I don't know, that is just my theory.
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    Darth Evil, maybe it is because the clones have only ever heard Kaminoans talk, and they talk kinda like Jango. That, or Tem couldn't speak without an accent.
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    Originally posted by Darth Sidious
    The Children of the Clones
    I think you may have guessed the title of the next Star Wars film.


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