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    Exclamation Battle Droid (Red) Info and Picture!!

    Rebelscum posted a picture of the new Battle Droid (Red) that should be showing up sometime later this year. They actually changed the picture on the front of the packaging, instead of leaving it the same. Sadly the figure appears to be the same mold, but atleast it's finally the right color!!

    New Red Battle Droid Carded
    Dave: Click the thumbnail above to check out the new packaging for the now correctly colored Battle Droid. Unlike images posted in late May, this figure does not share the same packaging as the previously release white Battle Droid and comes with Force lighting. Thanks to Rebelscum reader Andy for the scan.

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    Hopefully the plastic in these things won't be as susceptible to bending like its brothers from earlier in the year. I've had some ankles go bung on mine. Pieces of poo they are!

    Anyhow... I'm glad that Hasblah is at least TRYING to find a way to get the problem solved.
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    Well, that's great to see. Good for you army builders out there.

    This makes me wonder what that red battle droid on eBay 6 months ago is worth now. (If anyone remembers, there was a salesman sample red BD on eBay a while ago which went for about $200.00. I'm sure it's nowhere near that value, but if you build it they will come.)


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    Actually sometimes salesmen samples are usually a little different from the final product, so if you're into that kind of stuff and could afford it, that $200 is about going price for alot of salesmen samples.

    I'm suprised they actually changed the picture on the card unlike they did for the POTJ Biker Scout, on earlier carded pictures that were posted of the Red BD they hadn't changed it, I guess they were still working on it. Hopefully these will show up soon, though before that anyone who needs'em should grab the Cream BD's for Episode I dioramas. (Gungans vs. BDs and Naboo Palace dioramas come to mind)
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    Yeah, the Salesman's Samples of the TIE Bomber and Crashed Snowspeeder that Steve bought and re-sold were somewhat different then the final version of those 2 ships. So yeah, $200 for that Salesman Sample was a great investment to whoever bought it. I wouldn't pay that much myself, but it's definatly worth what he paid.

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    I wonder why this didn't already come out....

    But anyway, its nice to see that it is coming soon. Although I think they will be pegwarmers like the other Saga Droids, I will sure pick up a bunch. (And will have to order a bunch more stands... I can't get the damn things to stand up for the life of me.)
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    good news. hope there's plenty of them to go round since i plan on buying a stack. Reckon this will be in the destroyer droid assortment?

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    I think the red droid looks really really neat!! Can't wait to get my hands on em!

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    I don't think so Jargo. The Destroyer Droid is Collection 1, and the Battle Droid is in Collection 2. It will probably be in a later case after the current Ephant Mon one.

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    Sorry, things get confusing cuz we don't get cases the same as you. slightly different numbers of figures per case and wotnot. Like we're only just getting Shaak Ti and millions upon millions of count Dookus are turning up. TRU is stocking up with all the older stuff hoping the kids will go for it in the half semester holiday week before Halloween. They must be saving the newer stuff for the silver R2 promotion week. just a couple more weeks to go.....

    As far as I can tell we have the following still to come:
    25th anniversary R2-D2 promo
    Endor rebel soldier head variant
    Red Battle droid arena battle
    Destroyer droid
    Deluxe geonosian
    Deluxe clonetrooper
    Deluxe Anakin (hyperactivity disorder action)
    Geonosis arena playset
    Republic gunship
    Imperial forces 4-pack
    Green A-wing fighter w/ pilot

    Jango pilot, Ephant, clonetrooper pilot, Tusken w/ Massif are out now but in small numbers. Is there anything I missed?


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