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    2003 Exclusives!


    2003 Store Exclusives
    - Reported by Mike

    An anonymous source sends us information on the following exclusives for 2003:


    Sandcrawler with 2 figures (May)


    Accessory Sets (January)
    Yavin with Rebel Technician
    Naboo with Gungan Warrior
    Jabba's Palace with Gamorrean Guard

    A-Wing with Pilot (June)


    TIE Fighter with TIE Fighter Pilot (TBD)

    This list looks pretty promising and unofficially reaffirms our earlier reports on the Sandcrawler and A-Wing. We want to remind everyone that these have not been officially confirmed by Hasbro. Stay tuned as we follow up on this and much more!
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    A new Gamorrean Guard would be OK, however, I am excited at the prospect of a rebel technician. This has always been on my wishlist as has an imperial technician. I do hope this list turns out to be correct.

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    I love the idea of a new TIE Fighter coming out--especially with the potential re-release of the TIE Bomber. Finally, we'll have all four TIE Fighters introduced in the OT. Besides, it's about time they revisited that ship. Maybe a new Millennium Falcon will come our way in 2003 as well?
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    Sweet on the Sandcrawler going to Wal-Mart. It couldn't have happened to a nicer store. Especially since I can't stand Target most of the time. I was hoping to hear about a 3rd Cantina Sets release, maybe they just don't have news yet.

    Nice to see a second asst. of the Accessory sets. I wonder if there is a 4th one that we don't know about yet. I love the fact that we are getting a rebel technician. I'm hoping the Gungan Warrior is the Scout/Musician one. They could include things like the Farseein, the War Horn, and the Drum from the parade. The Gamorrean Guard kinda blows away the hopes of a new carded one in 2003 though. I wonder if he'll still come with the rumored Bubo as a pack-in. That would be great.

    Sucks that Target is getting the A-Wing, I was so hoping the rumors of Wal-Mart were going to hold. But oh well, I am sure I will be able to find it. I doubt that many people will want to buy a repainted A-Wing for $30-$40. I think it looks cool though, so I'll be buying one.

    I hope that the KB TIE Fighter has resculted larger solar panal/wings. That and the removal of the battery compartment/handle would be cool. I'll definatly be picking one of these up. Though I hope they don't play cheap and just throw another of the same retooled TIE Pilots from the last 2 exclusive TIE ships.

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    Interesting, but for me, anything with 'Anonymous' tacked on it also gets 'Rumor' tacked on it. Just the rules of the 'Net.

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    Lord Tenebrous, Galactic Hunter is one of the most trustworthy sites on the net. Plus they have been breaking alot of news that ends up confirmed lately, so I would put it just a tad higher then rumor. But I understand where your coming from.

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    Galactichunter said themselves it's rumor. Not confirmed by Hasbro.

    However, if at all accurate in any tiny way, the rebel technician accessoryt set would fit in with current trends in figure releases and accessory sets. What would he come with but the x-wing ladder among other things. You've got this Imperial 4-pack coming out right? so to counter all the imperials we've had in the accessory packs they do something a little different and give us two previously released figures and one new one. I would have thought there would be a fourth set there somewhere but if this replaces cantina sets then three would be right. I can always use another Gamorrean and a Jabba's palace accessory set sounds good. Gungan warrior doesn't sound too promising unless he comes with new accessories, hopefully that little waist pouch for carrying round energy balls. Farseein binoculars would be cool too as well as the horn they use as a signal.
    Could the tie fighter be with larger wings? god we can hope and pray.
    like i said though all runor until more information solidifies into fact. Stil fun to speculate on rumor though. Builds up the excitement - or not.
    Is it just me or does next year seem mighty full of releases already? I'm really going to go broke soon trying to get a hold of all this. Will it be worth it to be broke but have lots of toys to play with? Course it will. Who needs clothes or food or electricity when you have star wars toys?

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    Yeah, I know that they say that it's a rumor as well, but so far their rumors are panning out about 100% true. And I don't think that they would be the place to post outlandish rumors. Sure, I'll take it all with a skeptical eye, but I think it's probably fact.

    X-Wing ladder, the cargo crates from the TRU X-Wing, maybe a set of those handheld light up directional flags (I can't recall the name, they use them for directing which way the pilots should go?). It's to bad that the Vehicle Matinence Energizer wouldn't fit in the package. Either that or the little pilot golf carts. Hope that there is a 4th one, but I won't even venture a guess as to what it would be.

    I agree with everything else you said Jargo. Including the fact that 2003 seems chock full of stuff. More then I would expect so far in an off movie year. Maybe Hasbro learned that the best way to stop pegwarmers is change the cases and the stuff shipping often.

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    All of this sounds great. I agree that a new TIE Fighter is needed, though I am (incredibly) satisfied with the POTF2 version. But my pocketbook is so empty it echoes when I open it, and my shelves are full. I'll probably just settle for a Sandcrawler.

    Or two.

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    They all sound great especially the Yavin & Jabba's Palace accessories. Maybe, just maybe this is some tip off of a new Jabba? Hopefully, they'll also make a new Falcon next year or early '04.
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