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    Exclamation Pokemon Games

    Pokemon games blue,red,yellow,silver,gold & others are ez and they should make harder pokemon battles & games. Thanks.......
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    Yes, the Pokemon games are pretty easy, but they can take a while to 100% them. They are the ideal perfectionist's game. Trying to get all the pokemon requires trading, so, you either gotta make friends, or buy two gameboys and two cartridges. They are good RPG (especially for the Gamboy) and I'm hoping the GBA versions will boost the game up quite a bit. Two-on-two battles seems very cool, just up the difficulty a bit.
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    Pokemon Games

    It only take's me a day to Get 3 badge's(in Silver).It just seems like There is no challage for me.So i realy Don't Buy the games no more.Also it does sound cool that there is going to be two-on- two Battling.
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    Anyone have any of the Pokemon games they'd be looking to sell?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthQuack View Post
    Anyone have any of the Pokemon games they'd be looking to sell?
    Getting into Pokemon now are we DQ?
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    Yes, LM I am. Black and White come out next month!
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