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    Question 12" Luke - 100th

    Looked around for an existing thread and found none.

    Wondering if anyone picked up the POTJ 100th Luke (or something like that).

    Looks like a cool set up. Curious why, when they included multiple outfits, they skipped Bespin and Jedi. The Tatooine and Pilot stuff looks great nonetheless.

    The question is - is it a good purchase? Is there another Luke anyone recommends over this one?

    Thanks for looking.


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    I do like this set but it is overpriced IMO. I also like Jedi Luke (w/ Bib Fortuna) looks really cool, and Luke with Tauntaun. My favorite's would have to be Luke w/ Speederbike, and Luke w/ Yoda backpack. The Speederbike Luke doesn't really look like Luke, but better than most of the others. The Luke w/ Yoda also looks more like the character in the movie, and the fact that he comes with Yoda put's him at the top of Luke figures.

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    I have a page with a little info on the 100th Luke
    and here is a comparison of some of the ealier Luke's (not vintage) I rather like the Jedi Luke with bone.
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    Yeah, the Jedi Luke w/Bone is my favorite 12" Luke figure, mainly due to the dead-on likeness. Hoth Luke is good, too, though.

    I always passed on the 100th Luke due to the price tag.

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    why, when they included multiple outfits, they skipped Bespin and Jedi
    the 100th luke is based on luke as seen in episode 4. technically, i guess the left out the ceremonial outfit.

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    You're right Derek. the 12" Jedi Luke is probably my favorite because of the likeness. I do wish he came with a green saber blade. The 12" 100th Luke always looked so cool and I really want one, but the $ tag always stood me up.
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    i recall seeing those 100th lukes marked down big time in those video game stores.

    check e-bay. every now and then you can find one for $20-$25.

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    I passed on the 100th Luke because I already had Tatooine Luke (from the KB three pack) and an X-Wing Luke.

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    I picked him up when he was making his lastest appearence at the local TRU. For the price it was a great deal for a 12" figure and so many accessories. Most Star Wars 12" figures only come with a gun or light saber were 100th Luke comes with tons of extras. Great purchase in my opinion.
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    I actually saw one of these at a TRU and I wondered if it was deeply discounted or not. Well, it was the same price still so it went back on the shelf. I'll get one eventually.
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