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    Does anyone know if there are any conventions coming up at the NEC in Birmingham, England?
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    3-4th August 2002.

    I've never been before, has anyone else?
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    Did you go, I couldn't get there in the end?
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    Theres going to be another Memorabilia in November at the NEC.

    Not sure of the exact dates yet, but will post them when I know more.
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    Thanks for the info Jedi_Uk, don't forget to post any more info when you get it!
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    Memorabilia is on the 16th & 17th November 2002.

    Tickets on the door or 0121-767-4555 to book in advance.

    It's mainly a James Bond convention , but many Star Wars stalls will be there also.
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    As I last posted, the Memo convention will mainly be James Bond based.

    However there are 3 confirmed Star Wars Signings ;

    Dave Prowse
    Kenny Baker
    Jeremy Bulloch

    Admission is 7 Adults, 5 Children
    Saturday 11am - 5pm
    Sunday 10am - 5pm

    Early Entry 10 on Saturday from 9am
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    Memorabilia's next weekend.
    Is anyone here going? I haven't decided yet. There's not a lot of SW stuff I'm looking for at the moment, but I've got a massive Simpsons wants list.
    Has anyone been in the past? What's it like? Is it worth getting the Early Bird tickets?
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    A little late on this update ;

    Another 4 SW guests have been confirmed ;

    Paul Blake - Greedo
    Garrick Hagon - Biggs
    Richard Le Parmentier - Motti
    Angus MacInnes - Gold Leader "Dutch"

    I'm going on the Sunday 17th, I have never been before.

    I'm hoping to meet up with a few guys from, should be a laugh.

    Early Bird entries are normally fairly good. You get the pick of the crop before everyone else gets in at normal time.

    During this time also, you will find many of the dealers scouting around, making trades with other dealers, then selling the stuff on their own stalls for double the price.
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